Post by Po10472 » January 10th, 2010, 10:19 am
I''ve always wanted to go skiing, for years I''ve wanted to do it and never gotten round to it.  Just about everyone I know ski''s or snowboards so this Christmas I asked my DH and family to buy me snowgear so that I could take lessons in our local indoor snowzone.

For the 8 weeks running up to the lesson I was a complete nervous wreck, really worried about how I''d do and if I''d enjoy it. We went last week for my first lesson.....I spent more time on my back than on the ski''s and found it unbelievably difficult getting up and had to rely on my DH and the instructor to get me back on my feet.  I lasted 30 mins as I was just so frustrated.  I''m not the most svelt of people, so trying to get into a standing position without being able to get on my knees was damn near impossible and I found it really hard as my instincts were taken away from me because of the two planks strapped to my feet.  In fact, I even fell over without the ski''s on Image.

Anyhoo, I decided I''d give it another go in couple of weeks and was there this afternoon watching DH on the slopes.  But whilst there I watched all the snowboarders and the way they move appeals to me more than skiing.  There was an instructor working with this girl and whenever she fell, she was able to get up using her knees or pushing off from a seated position which looked way easier than when in skis.  Had a chat with DH and he admitted that he was suprised I hadn''t opted for snowboarding in the first place as this seemed more ''me''.

I''m going to give snowboarding a shot and see if it suits me better but I''d love to hear from those of you who are skiers or boarders, who''s tried both, who recommends what and any tips/advice you can give me?




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