Post by Aurelia » February 18th, 2007, 2:50 pm
Hey folks,

Where do YOU live around New Haven that doesn''t make YOU scared to be? I''m not trying to stalk you... just trying to find a place to live Image

My fiance and I are considering moving to New Haven so I can start grad school at Yale (Nurse Practitioner program) but are REALLY a bit scared by the city''s reputation. We currently live in very rural New Hampshire, so it will certainly be a big adjustment, regardless, so we''re a bit wary! We''ve been looking for a good place to live that will feel absolutely positively SAFE for one thing, but also NOT really urban.

We''ve been looking in surrounding suburbs (Hamden, North Haven, West Haven, etc...) but are finding a lot of negative comments even about these sorts of areas (especially from which makes the entire area seem pretty scary. This is NOT to be insulting -- we just have only visited the area once for about 4 hours and didn''t have a chance to explore the surrounding area much.

We''re planning a return trip (now that I''ve been accepted) to thoroughly check out potential places in person, but a little "insider" knowlege would be splendid! We also have a cat & are hoping to add a dog, so this makes it much tougher, I know!

Thanks so much!