Post by annpatcha » May 1st, 2003, 9:49 am
I had a size 7 diamond antique ring (about 70 years old)brough to my jeweler to have resized to a 9-1/2. The back shank was very thin, so he suggested cutting the shank at both sides and putting in a "thicker" metal and resizing. When I went to pick it up today they forgot to resize and just put in a new shank in the same size 7. Not only am I disappointed, but my question is - they are going to resize (supposedly cut the back and insert gold to resize) to the correct 9-1/2 size. Will this weaken the ring even more? I will now have 3 "weak points" as I see it. Should I insist they cut the entire shank off again and put in the correct size 9-1/2 shank? They claim this will not hurt the integrity of the strength of the ring, but I don''t know enough for this to be true.

Thank you so much!!!!Image