Post by luvthemstrawberries » June 2nd, 2009, 6:55 am
I sincerely hope you guys can offer some advice here - any would be so much appreciated.  I'm so tired of pain.

I've had headaches for years.  For the past ~6 months to a year, I get at least 1 a week.  Half of the week, I wake up with mild pain, usually just in my temples and eyes.  That may stay around all day, but it's bearable/ignorable.  But the bad ones spread the pain everywhere - in the jaw, teeth, back of the head, neck, temples, eyes, nose/face, and ears - my head feels like it's in a vice.  And they get worse as the day goes on.  Sometimes, on days like today, it surges when I get up and move.  Or it randomly throbs intensely for a few minutes at a time.  Sometimes I'm congested too, and the bad ones include pain to most noises.  I'm very rarely nauseous, and haven't had auras as far as I know.  Pain management consists of going home and laying down in silence with an icepak on my head.  Ibuprofen doesn't help the bad ones.  I took an Aleve today, but it's not doing anything either.

In the past 2 months, I've been to the following:
- Ear/Nose/Throat doctor - he looked in sinuses, said it looked fine, checked my hearing and it was fine
- MRI was done - brain is normal, inner ear and sinuses are normal
- Allergist - no specific allergies, he didn't do food allergy tests (which I wanted)
- Neurologist - he said I sound like I have classic migraines.

Neurologist told me aboue Imitrex and gave me samples of Treximet (Imitrex + Aleve).  I took one Treximet this weekend with a bad headache, and I proceeded to be more nauseous for the next few hours than I've ever felt unless I was sick.  It was terrible.

I'm so tired of doctors (and shelling out $).  And even more tired of the pain and trying to play detective.  I think my body is really sensitive to strong meds like the Treximet, so I'd really like to find what is making these happen.  I'd love to do it more naturally, but who knows if that's even possible.  I read some of the past threads on here about migraines, and I found some interesting info.  A few of you listed wheat, sugar, cheese, caffeine, or even flourescent lights as triggers.  I've been keeping a food/headache journal for months, but nothing stands out.  I do work under flour. lights and stare at the computer screen every day.  And I eat healthy, which includes a lot of grains/wheat, and very little caffeine (a few coffees a week at most, no soft drinks).  I think I do clench my teeth at night, but I don't see how that can make a headache flare up more through the day.  (If this pertains to anything, I had my wisdom teeth out years ago, I think before all this began.)  My mom supposedly has a lot of sinus problems/infections and gets very nauseous with them - I've had one or two infections before, but that was just what the doc assumed (no cultures/tests done).

Does anything here stand out to any of you?  Or is there any advice you can give - meds, how you found your trigger, or even just what your trigger is?  How would I go about trying to narrow down to one trigger?  Or if this even sounds like migraines at all?Image  (I'm sorry this turned out so long.)