Post by Tacori E-ring » June 6th, 2007, 2:50 pm
What is the best thing you lost but later found?

My mom gave me a small diamond band in college and I lost it about 9 months ago. I was so sick about it since it was sentimental. Even through a move I thought it was gone forever. Well....last night I FOUND IT! It was tucked in a ring box at the bottom of a drawer. I must have put it there when we went away on our honeymoon and forgot what I did with it. All this time I thought it was lost forever. I even made DH take apart the drain in our old house b/c I was sure the cat pushed it down and it was stuck in the trap. I am so excited I found it. It was my first diamond piece and always wanted to give it to my daughter (if I have one) one day. Image
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