Post by April20 » August 15th, 2009, 6:30 pm
A good friend is visiting me this weekend.  She''s been looking at upgrading her e-ring for over a year now.  Nearly 2 actually.  The ring she has was her MIL''s- can''t remember the history.  It''s a small stone- maybe .25 or so and NOT good quality.  I don''t think she''s ever loved it.  Or even liked it really.  She''s been sending me links to settings she likes for months now.  Just yesterday she said her husband called her and told her he was looking at a motorcycle frame on Ebay and "it was a really good deal".  She reamed him and told him that he wasn''t getting another motorcycle until she got her ring.  Fastforward to tonight.....

We had plans for dinner at some friends'' house.  My friend opted not to come with us.  Her DH called me while we were there and asked if I was with her or if I could talk.  Turns out he''s been riling her up on purpose to throw her off the scent.  He went and bought the ring she loved TODAY and has it.  He is so excited he can barely contain himself.  We''re all going to Mexico next Sunday for a week and he''s planning to give it to her at dinner while we''re there.  I am SO, SO excited for her.  He sent me a text message pic (it was bad- blurry).  I tried to get him to read me the specs, but all I got clearly out of him was that it was a G color and .85.  I''m going to try and get pics of it after she gets it.  I love knowing she''s getting the ring, but hate that I know and can''t tell anyone!!!!  (Okay, I totally told my DH- I had to tell someone!).

Anyhow, I thought it was really sweet and just wanted to share the story.