Post by Dreamer_D » July 11th, 2012, 1:16 pm
I have a new boyfriend and my husband is grudgingly accepting my new love.

My boyfriend is named Channing Tatum. I thought he was a doofus until I saw 21 Jump Street and loved his self-deprecating comedic style. And then last night I went to see magic Mike. What a frigging sexy dude! Such a great dancer, my goodness. And not bad to look at. And on top of that he is a really vulnerable actor. I am smitten. It is official. My first crush since Russel Crow in his Gladiator days :devil:

As a side note Matther McConaughey is SO hilarious in magic Mike. He is fearless in his ridiculousness and also did a pretty funny sexy dance number himself. I applaud him for waxing his nether regions. I enjoyed a stripper movie about men. Bout time the shoe was on the other foot :devil:
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