Post by Dreamer_D » June 1st, 2011, 12:30 pm
Just for fun! I got thinking of this when mentally cataloguing my own ridiculous escapades :rolleyes: I know there are a couple of you out there with equally shameful lists of trade-ins and exchanges :rodent:

I am thinking diamonds in pieces like earrings, solitaire/three stone rings, or pendants, rather than melee, though if you want to list diamond bands feel free!

If you like, list the specs and whether or not you still own the piece 8)

I'll start, listed in chronological order:

1 -- 2x .50ct D/E color ECs, sides in a three stone -- Traded them in.
2 & 3 -- .60ct F I1 diamond in a pendant -- sold it to my BIL, it makes an amazing e-ring for my SIL!
4 -- .80ct J VS2 -- trade in for upgrade
5 -- 1.16ct. K Si1 -- trade in for upgrade
6 -- 1.21ct G Si2 -- trade in for upgrade
7 -- 1.67 ct J Vs1 -- Still got it! Love it!
8 & 9 -- 2x .35ct J VS2/Si1 RBs, presently in earrings -- Still own them! Love them!

So I have owned 9 diamonds since 2007, but presently only possess three of them! :rodent:

One Ring to rule them all.