Post by bluesilver701 » March 30th, 2006, 9:27 pm
hi, new here..

recently engaged, wearing a nontraditional ring with which i am completely happy with. (cost 15 dollars. lol, but with the romantic location/proposal and intention behind it, its priceless to me.)

my problem/question is.. iv been doing a little online ring looking. iv discussed the whole topic of rings with my fiance briefly, he wants both me to look around and for us to go looking together. im glad he wants to be involved in the process... what im kinda worried about is that he was talking this morning and said he figures we could find our rings for about 100, 150 dollars apiece.

is that really possible?

i mean, i dont want a huge fabulous ring that costs a million dollars or anything, ..but to me, a nice ring really would mean alot. he isnt the kind of guy to wear or buy jewlery, so i just dont think he understands that i would kind of like something a little special.

i found a ring online, that has a combination of small london blue topaz and a very small diamond in a nice little sturdy setting. the only problem is, it goes for like 600 dollars. which i ever so slightly mentioned, and he got the ''could be spent on something else, something usefull'' tone in his voice and changed the subject.

am i being selfish about this?..

i just really would like him to see that something like this is kind of inportant to me, that he doesnt have to buy me the moon or anything, but that its something i feel is significant. how can i tell him that? i just dont want him to feel like i dislike the ring i have becuase it didnt cost alot of money... most importantly, i love him, so i guess thats matters most of all, above everything. i just really want him to see that this is something that means something to me.