Post by ame » October 7th, 2005, 4:51 pm
I raided the stash tonight...I bought out a small candy section at Target the other day so I could give out treats to the kids near here, assuming any trick or treat. I couldn''t handle the bag of Reese''s Assortment staring back at me so I opened it. I have pigged on several items. I hope I leave stuff for kids.

So...what do you give to little kiddies?

My folks go to Sams/Costco and buy full-size bars like they would use in a concession stand. What''s left we get. Image LIke I need it. I bought those minis because I figure if I have more and get lots of kiddies I have more chances to hear bad jokes. If not many kids come, I can give 2-3 pieces per kid. And have some left over for ME.