Post by allycat0303 » April 18th, 2006, 7:02 am
Hey everyone,

Ok seriously, tell me how to talk some sense into my guy. He''s currently working with a local jeweler on finding a replacement for my ring. He''s looking for a 2 carat + H color, SI1 or SI2 with flour, except he''s seen 3 stones that roughly match the criteria (nice ideal scope, HCA numbers under 2...except no flour) and he still hasn''t bought anything. He says to me (because he''s totally excluding me from the process) That none of the stones look like "my old one" lets be really honest... I spent about 1ooX more hours staring at my ring then he did, and I DON''T EVEN REMEMBER what my stone looked like.

We have an appointment on April 20 th, with the jeweler at Birks to design a setting for me. Which is wonderful, except we don''t have a stone. AND the worst part is that it takes 4-6 weeks to make, AND my parents have an engagement party planned for June 10th. So what to tell him???? I asked him "nicely" how the search was going and he nearly bit my head off to be patient. Give me a day and I can probably pick a stone Image

Thanks for letting me vent.