Post by decodelighted » December 1st, 2008, 12:44 pm
Would your husbands know all of your various clothing/shoe sizes? Just curious how others feel about this .... as my DH, after four/five years of NOT knowing, has all of a sudden started asking & won''t take BUZZ OFF for an answer! I probably wouldn''t be so sensitive about it except that I''m, um, curvy ... & take a plus size in some clothing articles. And, that its very difficult to buy clothes for me because I''m different sizes on the top & bottom & dresses that fit my bum might swim on my top half etc. etc. Its not as if I''ve gained weight since we met & the "new" size is a big shocker ... its that he''s never known, never asked, never been a "clothing gift" person and its WEIRDING ME OUT. He''s a big guy himself & I know all of his sizes & he''s not sensitive about me knowing or buying him stuff so he''s bewildered why I would be.

I think this all started because I''ve been griping about my lack of warm coat. Or, I guess I should say lack of warm CHIC coat because I do have a matronly cornflower blue Eddie Bauer puffer that I''d rather not be caught dead in & was only supposed to be used for shoveling snow etc ... and I also have a fancy shearling but its so heavy & damage prone that I resist wearing it. What I need is something light & water-resistant & warm. An everyday coat. I really hadn''t wanted to spend $$ on one because the cheap ones look cheap and the expensive ones seem wasteful -- but I have been guilty of complaining so I suppose he was considering ways to solve this problem as a x-mas gift rather than prying the $$ out of my thrifty paws as an agreed upon "need". So its probably NICE of him to want to know. Sigh.
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