Post by kenny » April 2nd, 2012, 2:46 pm
If you currently have any gray hair, if you dye your hair vote YES (even if you just dye to have a color you prefer and NOT with the specific intention of concealing the gray).
If you currently have any gray hair and do not dye it, vote NO.
But if you have just a little gray and don't dye now but plan to when you get more gray, vote YES.

For those too young to have gray hair (even if you currently dye your hair to a color you prefer), if you plan to dye it when you finally get gray hair vote YES, and if you plan to just leave the gray hair alone vote NO.

(Yes I realize people vary and some never get gray hair or get it at a very young age, or are even born with a hair shade that looks pure white. They may answer as they wish.)
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