Post by jazmine » November 21st, 2008, 9:57 am
My question is pertaining to the at home highlighting kits that I see advertised lately. I have never colored or highlighted my hair myself but I am looking for some ways to save some money lately and I was wondering about highlighting my hair myself. It makes me quite nervous because a professional has always done it but I figure the kits might be worth a shot. My hair is dark blond and my stylist does high- and lowlights when I go in. Right now, I am mostly concerned with the roots, though I would like some more definition throughout also. My hair is about half way down my back and no greys to cover yet. Just want to freshen up the color. Anyone care to recommend a great brand and/or any tips for a first timer. I don''t want to have to go back to my stylist to have her fix it!