Post by bean » December 18th, 2009, 11:59 am
This is a thread I decided might be, uh, fun. If you don''t want to particapate that is ok too!

One of my many personal stories:

I worked in a store that would sometimes deal with customers that were throwing a wedding/ big party. A co-worker of mine took an order for one of the products we sell, and put it down for the wrong date (the night before the event). The product was made up and waited all friday for the customer. When the customer didn''t show, co-worker took the order and threw everything in the trash. Image I had no idea this even happened.

Saturday morning rolls around and I''m at work before the store opens, alone. I arrived early to eat my breakfast and hear this rapid pounding on the door like someone is getting murdered outside! Eek. I go to the door and there is this woman and her elderly mother there wanting their order. I let them in (huge-no-no before the store opens) and look for this order that I know I didn''t take or make. I then find it in the trash, obviously ruined. The women absolutely flipped out. It was less than an hour before their event, less than an hour now before we opened and I was in the store alone. I didn''t know what to do, so I just started making the order. The women were hootin'' and hollering (throwing F bombs my way) for me to go faster, but even with one person the job was going to take a bit. That''s when the customers, a woman in her 40''s and her mother.. 80''s ish??? Grabbed part of the order and started doing it themselves. Ohmigawd they made a mess. They didn''t know what they were doing, but I wasn''t going fast enough and they wanted to help. They actually created more work for me as they mostly ruined everything they did touch. I worked my tush off! I don''t know how I managed it, but we got it done and they were able to make it to their event. Their item was pre-paid..... which brings me to..

The next day my manager gets a call about the store and how she wants a 100% refund on everything, she''s NEVER doing business with us again, we are a horrible corporation, she had to help me Image and just going off about every single little thing. She of course got the whole refund, we all had to apologize, and the co-worker that created the mess actually was laughing about the whole deal. We lost so much money on this order- the money for the first ruined order, the 2nd order, and then the 100% refund. No matter what I did that customer was not happy.

They did come back though and strangely enough I never heard anymore F bombs from them. And we did not serve food. Anyone want to guess what the order was? It''s quite silly when you think about it.

I have one more better story, but I''ll post this for now.