Post by dragonfly411 » March 11th, 2009, 11:49 am
I agree again about young horses being pushed too hard. Unfortunately we are seeing it more and more in the horse world. I''m saddened to see the 2 yr old futurities for western pleasure for quarter horses these days, and they''re thinking of opening up the same for saddle and hunt for arabians. I just want to scream "THEY''RE BABIES". How do you feel about racing at the 2 year old level? And current bone structure in race horses?

I think too that it is not just age, but condition. I know a mare who was 10 years old, healthy, but hadn''t been ridden in a while. She was a trained reining horse, BEAUTIFUL. You would have thought she was half arabian, she was a red dun tovero with a double sided mane.... omg I''ll have to post pics sometime. Anyways, her owner was going to use her in a demonstration one day, pulled her out of pasture after not having been really ridden beyond trail rides for a few months. He worked her so hard she went lame... it destroyed her. And it destroyed her tolerance for people as well Image
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