Post by ame » September 17th, 2005, 9:55 am
While on our honeymoon, somehow I managed to really eff up my left ankle/foot. Mind you both need serious surgical work but I don''t play sporst, so I''m not doing it. Anyway...I have tendonitis from my knee through the ball of my foot going on since I have been walking on it weird ever since, so when I was at the sports orthopedist yesterday, he prescribed this hot happenin'' trend of an immobilizing boot. I begged him to give me NOT THIS but...I lost the battle. He said I should be lucky I don''t have to wear one on both legs. My right ankle is seriously so shot that I can''t even argue with him. He''s almost like a family member I''ve been there so often.

I know that it''s not intelligent to vote no on the surgery but I really don''t find it purposeful without a being involved in sports anymore.

So without further sweet new boot.
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