Post by Lord Summerisle » June 25th, 2005, 12:51 pm
As some of you might remember the Father''s Day thread... i was taking my Dad driving one of his boy hood dream cars...

Well 40 years after it first arrived on the scene... Dad finally got in the Drivers seat of a Lotus/Caterham Super 7 (120BHP - 1.6litre 6 speed 350-400BPH/Ton - bloomin quick - 0-60 ~5secs to give you some specs)

What this was was a Auto Test.. a coned out track... drive round the tight course as quick as poss (sliding encouraged) Finishing with an Obligatory ''Donut'' Round the final cone.

Here he is coming up to the Final Cone... stop.. into first... put revs at 3000rpm.. drop clutch... pray

mid donut

And myself - same cone...

Mid Turn

And to top it off... out of the 10 folk there... Dad came 10th fastest and me 6th Image

Glad they weren''t my tyres on the back...
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