Post by lumpkin » January 8th, 2008, 8:07 am
Are there any areas of your life you are working to improve?  What''s your strategy for meeting your goals?

I''m working on decluttering our house.  It may take the whole year, LOL!  We have a lot of toys, books, knick knacks, and honestly, junk, to get rid of.  My husband and older son have the pack rat gene and I have to work when they are gone!  I''m getting boxes and bags together and every week I''m taking things to be donated or sold to our local gently used kids'' stuff reseller.

I''m also working at organizing our household more in terms of keeping our events straight, meal planning, budgeting better, and sharing chores.  I made a list of all our favorite dinners and I''m now working on ingredient lists and calendar planning so we can make the kids aware well ahead of time what we''re eating so they can pick a meal or two every week.  I''m also trying to get my husband to take things he can heat up at work instead of the same old sandwich and apple.  The budget is another matter.  I''m hoping that by controlling the meal planning it will help our budget, but that''s the only place we can really cut.  Our kids are utterly spoiled regarding chores.  I need to make a list of weekly chores for each of them to do on Saturdays and Sundays.  I want them to focus on school/activities during the week, but I''m sure we can do a lot better about putting away what we get out before bed.

I''m also trying to plan for fun family activities.  Over the winter break the kids watched almost all of the Star Wars movies and we taught the little one to play Monopoly.  We had a lot of fun, so I''m going to get the basement organized so we can play board games.

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