Post by janinegirly » October 12th, 2009, 6:15 am
I posted a lot last year on our DR/LR furnishings. It''s been done for awhile and then we just took a break from it all. Well I am having to face the fact that curtains have to go up sometime in these rooms--it really lacks a finished look otherwise.

My issue is these rooms require something a little more polished looking since they are formal areas and will be seen by everyone as they walk in! So I don''t want to try to do something makeshift. On the other hand interior designers are expensive as are custom curtains!

Anyone have any suggestions? Is there something in between? Do the Ethan Allen style shops help with this, or are they rip offs? Should I focus on more specialized designers or try to do some of it on our own. We have lots of windows including large ones on the front of the house which might look best with draped valance look. The house is an older colonial style. Help!