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Post by Skippy » June 22nd, 2007, 6:51 am
Date: 6/22/2007 12:05:09 PM
Author: shortblonde

skippy, i just have to say that you are so peppy and enthusiastic that i always smile when i read your posts.

Thanks Shortblonde, that made my dayImage  Glad you are staying healthy and yeah to new shoes. 

Gosh, lots of great accomplishments.
Monarch, yah on the for interview. . . I am excited for you.  Crossing fingers and toes and sending lots of good vibes.
DeeJay, WHOOOOOO HOOOOOO on the 20.5.  I mowed the lawn out in 95 degree weather.  That is great your dad mows the lawn and it grows forever.  Glad it helps his blood sugarImage
Katebar, hang w/us and you will lose the weight.Image
Rod, I am a creature of Habit too and my friends and hubby always tease me.  Once I find a good step class or restaurant "I am sticking w/it." hehehe
Marcy, you rock w/losing all that weight.
Gailrmv, I bumped your pendant talk in rocky talk and wondered and glad you got it, wonderful!  Great jog and bike!!!
Mara, yah for Hiking.  You made me and hubby want to go hiking.  Tomorrow we are going to get up early and hike the La Luz trailImage
Kimberly, glad you are having a good time on your trip!!
MrsS, Yah for your hike up the magical stairs!!!
Danielle, Sorry you had a yucko day yesterday.  Yah for a new day!

I will walk tonight and hike tomorrow morning.  All this Hiking got hubby and I wanting to do it tomorrowImage



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Post by Mara » June 22nd, 2007, 7:07 am
hehe skippy, i love the hiking thing. i was telling greg we should go do one tomorrow and he''s like ''aw man'' so i wish he was as enthused as your hubby!! i just love being out in the psuedo wilderness with the shade and the beautiful trees and paths. there are mountain lion warnings though so we do have to be careful (another reason why greg is not jazzed lol) but for the most part if you stay on the trails it seems like that should be okay as there are so many people out there all day long.

bonus is that i am not really sore today!! woo hoo. so i think doing it again tomorrow will definitely be doable. just had my banana nut bran muffin with a bit of lemon honey on it...mmmm. so tasty. hope everyone is having a good day.

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

-Albert Einstein

Post by monarch64 » June 22nd, 2007, 8:48 am
Hey everyone! 

DeeJay, congrats on hitting the 20 (.5) mark!  Woohoo!  You are doing SO well, I''m so proud of you for sticking with your new healthier lifestyle.  It''s so great to see people come to the workout thread and really take off with it like you did! 

Lorelei, how''s miss Jasmine doing?  I''m not even going to ask for pics...hee hee. 

Rod, I feel like this week has gone pretty well for me, I took your advice and did keep up a routine and I think it''s made all the difference.  I thought about your advice on core strengthening today as well, I found a Stott Pilates workout on exerciseTV and did that, I felt great afterwards!  I hope your new/switched project is going well...hey, isn''t tonight sushi and Sapporo night for you?  I might have your eating habits confused in my mind, but if not, enjoy!

So I got in two workouts today, one was Booty Beat (dance) for a seven minute warmup, then i did the Stott Pilates beginner workout and I think that took about 20 minutes.  I''m going out to dinner tonight with a couple girlfriends, I have no idea where we''re going but it''ll be a fun time. 

Post by Lorelei » June 22nd, 2007, 8:53 am
It gets worse with the pics!  The weather is STILL pants and now our prehistoric digital camera ( circa 2001) is saying corrupted whenever we take a pic.  Plus we had a power failure and the thingy used to load them onto the computer has broken!  Bah!

But Miss Jasmine is doing so well, I cannot believe how good she is!  She is calm and steady and easy to handle, loving and gentle, we couldn''t ask for more, plus she is so beautiful!  I won''t be popular with her tonight though as she is due a dose of worm medicine, but she will get some treaties afterwards!
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Post by Rod » June 22nd, 2007, 9:43 am
Date: 6/22/2007 2:48:29 PM
Author: monarch64
Hey everyone!

DeeJay, congrats on hitting the 20 (.5) mark! Woohoo! You are doing SO well, I'm so proud of you for sticking with your new healthier lifestyle. It's so great to see people come to the workout thread and really take off with it like you did!

Lorelei, how's miss Jasmine doing? I'm not even going to ask for pics...hee hee.

Rod, I feel like this week has gone pretty well for me, I took your advice and did keep up a routine and I think it's made all the difference. I thought about your advice on core strengthening today as well, I found a Stott Pilates workout on exerciseTV and did that, I felt great afterwards! I hope your new/switched project is going well...hey, isn't tonight sushi and Sapporo night for you? I might have your eating habits confused in my mind, but if not, enjoy!

So I got in two workouts today, one was Booty Beat (dance) for a seven minute warmup, then i did the Stott Pilates beginner workout and I think that took about 20 minutes. I'm going out to dinner tonight with a couple girlfriends, I have no idea where we're going but it'll be a fun time.

Monnie, I'm glad my advice was helpful to you.  If I hadn't developed a routine to follow during my unemployed days, I might have lost my mind.  And yes, it is indeed Sushi/Sapporo night for us!  Mara and I were discussing earlier how predictable Charle and I are and while I find it somewhat comforting to have our standard Friday night date at Yoko's to look forward to, other's might find it a bit restrictive.  Oh well, we truly look forward to starting our weekend off with some great sushi!!  Have fun with your girlfriends!!

Post by aljdewey » June 22nd, 2007, 10:54 am
Date: 6/22/2007 9:28:48 AM
Author: Dee*Jay

And let me start off my Friday by declaring that I HAVE FINALLY REACHED THE ELUSIVE 20 LB MARK!!! 20.5 to be exact, and it took me six damn months, but I''m so happy!! And the best thing is I didn''t even have to move the scale to a different part of the bathroom to get there! Image


That''s AWESOME!

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Post by cellososweet » June 22nd, 2007, 10:56 am
marcy! Congratulations.  you look amazing.  you''ve done such a fantastic job.
dee-  congrats to you too!  and don''t worry. . .some of those calculators are ridiculous.  I did one where it''s what the average american thinks is an ideal weight for me.  just another reminder that i should listen to the general conscensus of people in my country. haha.  i think 126 is a little low for someone who is 5''7". haha. . i''d look like barbie if i was 126 pounds.  i''ve been there, definitely not ideal!

last night dh made me some ratatouille. i was completel surprised.  I''m definitely the chef in the house and while he can make the basics, he doesn''t usually go out of his comfort zone.  So, that was good.  Very filling.  And great on the calorie side.  I indulged in some fro yo last night. Mmmm. . . they had orange 50/50 flavor.  Just like running after the ice cream truck in navy housing as a kid again. :-)

Woke up this morning disappointed because I was out of my TJ''s high fiber raisin bran and forgot to get more :-(  So, I had a piece of toast with peanut butter, a fruit salad, and a glass of soy milk.  It was nice for a change.

Lunch was good too.  Had my favorite sprout, cucumber,tomato and hummus again. :-) Added avocado for fun today. it''s so good. 

Went for a nice 4 mile walk this morning before I taught a cello lesson.  Decided I should go early since it''s been hotter than heck the past few days.  Now I''m just relaxing.  TGIF. I''ve been waiting for this all week.  Time to have a glass of wine, kick my feet up with dh and our kids (the fluffy types with tails that meow) and watch some tv.

hope everyone is having a good day!

Post by aljdewey » June 22nd, 2007, 10:56 am
Date: 6/22/2007 10:45:25 AM
Author: mrssalvo

the one thing so frustrating when loosing weight is you always seem to lose in the places you don''t really want to first and the places you do want it to disappear from last. I really need to tone up and I know at this point I''m going to have to get in the gym and doing some weights to do that. Hubby continues to lose but it''s his neck and chest getting smaller when we measure and his waist(where he really wants to slim down) that is hardly moving. Anyway, I''m a lot thinner now than I was when I was in college but I think much of the weight I lost was my chest, not exactly the place that needed to be any smallerImage

Mrs. S., my hubby is having the same issues - he''s lost a TON of weight - he''s closing in on 60 lbs, and his legs are SO LITTLE now, but it''s soooooooo slow coming off around the middle, where he''d really want it.

But, he''s plugging away.  LOL  Image
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Post by aljdewey » June 22nd, 2007, 10:58 am
Oh, and Mon, YAY about the interview!  That''s just lift-your-spirits, kick-butt news! 
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Post by marcy » June 22nd, 2007, 3:01 pm

Monarch: I am glad you got your first interview; good luck with the group interview next week!

Lorelei, PG, Kimberly, DJ, MrsS, Shortblonde, Sharon, Skippy, Cello: Thank all of you very much for the kind words about my weight loss so far.

Rod: I’m with you.  I like routine and having things well planned.  My husband likes change and to be spontaneous; I think we drive each other crazy sometimes.

Kimberly: your trip and Cherry Cobbler sound great.

Dee:  congratulations on loosing 20.5 pounds.  That is great.

Mrssalvo: have fun on your date.  That should be fun.  I am nodding my head in agreement with you about loosing weight first where you don’t need to.

I lost another pound this morning so now I’ve lost 105 pounds.  Yeah!

Have a great weekend! Image

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Post by TanDogMom » June 22nd, 2007, 3:27 pm
Marcy, way to go on one more pound!!
I have been eating my favorite salad day in and day out. I love it! I bought so much spring mix the other day and I was hoping I could get through it before it went bad... well a mere 48 hours later I need to stop by the store and get more!
Today I was just exhausted after my workout. I did 45 min on the elliptical while reading a magazine - the time just flew! then a 45 min total body weights workout. I overslept the weight training class that I planned to go to, so I tried to do the class's workout on my own. I think I was pretty successful! But I was so wiped out, I ended up taking a little nap later on. (I'm still off work for another 2 weeks... I will miss having all this spare time when I start my new job! How will I fit in my naps?)
This morning the scale said I was down a pound but I don't really trust it - I need to see it a few days in a row to believe it! My scale is "jumpy"!
By the way, I've been reading about Fage everywhere! I was reading fitness magazine today and it mentioned it at least 2-3 times. I need to locate some! My grocery doesn't have it but I need to get to a TJs or WF!

Post by Dee*Jay » June 22nd, 2007, 4:11 pm
Happy Friday night!

Thank you all SO MUCH for the kind words--you have no idea how much it means to me! I'm so motivated right right now it's a little scary. I actually spit an almond out today when I realized I had taken eight instead of seven. A total knee jerk reaction, but INSANE, I know!! Image

Tonight we went out to dinner at one of our favorite French places and I was inspired to have no bread, only one glass of wine (although that was almost more service realted than will power--someone might want to explain to the waiter that if he comes back to check on us more frequently I'll be able to order another glass, LOL), a salad with dressing on the side, and an appetizer of shrimp over couscous as my meal. It was enough food, but I did have a chocolate pudding cup when I got home. Better than something off the dessert menu I'm sure though!

Before we went out I was able to squeeze in a quick workout. Only 400 cals total on the treadmill and the bike, but better than nothing. I should be able to get a good one in tomorrow and Sunday.

Off now to walk The Demon and The Monster...

ETA: I forgot to say that in the past several days I've been noticing that I am often just the *tiniest* bit hungry, but I RARELY get *really* hungry any more. Maybe it has to do with eating smaller portions? Anyway, anyone else notice this?

Post by Modified Brilliant » June 22nd, 2007, 4:17 pm
Hi everyone....it''s been a while since I dropped by.

I''m still exercising regularly (2-3x a week at the gym) and one private lesson a week
with my martial arts instructor. I feel great and stronger than ever.
It''s great to do boxing/jujitsu outside near our town lake.
Last week a bus load of seniors were unexpectedly treated to a jujitsu exhibitionImage
while sitting on park benches at the lake. It was really funnyImageSome took pictures of us
boxing. Image

Enjoy the weekend.

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Post by Rod » June 22nd, 2007, 5:04 pm
Wow Jeff, I thought you totally abandoned me as the only other guy on the fitness thread.  Glad to hear you''re still at it and doing well fitness wise.  If you''ve been reading you see that I''m still into it too.  I think it''s a lifestyle now, not just something I feel like doing.

Happy Friday night all.  We had a nice (yes completely routine - thank you very much) dinner at our Sushi place.  Of course we had our "thank you for waiting" server, but we must be good tippers as when we came in several of the ladies seemed to try to put us in their section.  But "OUR" lady won out and I think she was ready to slap one of the other servers.  Too funny.  Then we had a nice cup of coffee and I indulged in a Tart Cherry scone from Panera with my coffee.  Just as we were leaving, it started to lightly rain and it''s been lightning and thundering the whoe rest of the evening.  I actually enjoy the rainy season in Florida.  We get lot''s of lightning, thunder and rain, but there''s just something oddly comforting about the storms. 

I took on a paint and spackle project tonight over nothing important, but just where a wall meets a window and the plantation shutter and I''ve never liked how they all intersected.  It''s harder to explain and it turned out to be a harder project than I anticipated, but I got it done and it look''s so good, you''d never know I did it to begin with.  I''m a total anal retentive when it comes to projects like this to begin with.  Charlie on the other hand doesn''t notice anything.  I joke that sometime I''m going to come home from a business trip and I''m going to look up and say......"Charlie what happened to the ceiling, it''s missing??"  To which he''ll look up and say........"Huh......I never noticed!"  LOL

We''re planning on sleeping in tomorrow.  We don''t have a training session.  We''re taking a couple weeks off before buying the next batch.  They''re expensive, but worth it.  We just need to wait a couple weeks since I just went back to work.  But, we will work out tomorrow and Sunday like normal. 

Cello, good deal on the 4 mile walk.  So, you''re a Cello instructor?  Duh........your avatar name makes sense!  Do you play in a Symphony?  I was once about a million years ago a clarinetist.  I had even been accepted to the Eastman School of Music for a masters when I realized that there are not many rich clarinet players and I decided I''d rather have a Mercedes in my garage.  So, much to parents chagrin, I put the clarinet away and embarked on a completely different direction in life.  I''ve never really regretted my decision though as I''ve had a very good life indeed. 

Yay on 105 Pounds Marcy!!

Enjoy having the time off while you can Gail.  I enjoyed (maybe a little too much) being unemployed and doing what I wanted when I wanted!!

DeeJay, chances are the 8th almond would have been OK.  Now don''t go getting all obsessive on us, like me.  You Hear??!!  Good for you passing up good French Bread.  But, I''m afraid I can''t do that.  Bread is one of my weaknesses.  Your dinner sounded great though! 

Sleep well everyone!

Post by marcy » June 22nd, 2007, 5:50 pm

Thank you, Gail.  Enjoy you 2 weeks off.  It sounds like you are doing a lot of working out.

Dee: Too funny about spitting out an almond.  That’s dedication.  I am generally not very hungry but it seems like when I do get hungry I drop a few pounds.  When I’m not hungry I don’t loose weight but I loose inches.

Thank you, Rod.  That is funny to have waitresses fighting over you guys.  The waiters in our town are awful!  We always say you either get good food or good service in our town, never both.  When we go out of town we are astonished when we get good service.  And we tip well too.

Skippy: I agree with everyone; seeing your smiley picture does bring a smile to my face.  Thanks!

I hope every gets a chance to rest up this weekend and have some fun.  I am going to a picnic for my husband’s office tomorrow.  I am taking a bag of baked lays for me to snack on, lots of bottled water and plan on leaving for awhile to go visit my sister and her hubby while they are in town.  That will keep me away from the food.

We also plan on walking around the other lake in town on Sunday.  I heard today that lake is 1-¼ mile around.  I know that doesn’t sound like much to some of you; but considering a year ago I could barely walk up and down the mall without eating advil that’s pretty neat to me.

I think I will go clothing shopping too.  Someone told me at work today I need to buy some new clothes.  The shirt I had on today is really baggy.  That’s a good thing but I do need some new clothes.

Well, have a great weekend!  Keep thinking skinny thoughts!

Curbs Happen.  Sparkle on . . .

Post by cellososweet » June 22nd, 2007, 7:38 pm
Date: 6/22/2007 11:04:28 PM
Author: Rod

Cello, good deal on the 4 mile walk. So, you''re a Cello instructor? Duh........your avatar name makes sense! Do you play in a Symphony? I was once about a million years ago a clarinetist. I had even been accepted to the Eastman School of Music for a masters when I realized that there are not many rich clarinet players and I decided I''d rather have a Mercedes in my garage. So, much to parents chagrin, I put the clarinet away and embarked on a completely different direction in life. I''ve never really regretted my decision though as I''ve had a very good life indeed.

How funny that you played clarinet.  So did my husband!  He was terrible though, no Eastman for him. :-) We always joke that he, at 6'' played the clarinet and I play the cello. Go figure. I love my cello though.  It''s my pride and joy and I derive so much pleasure from playing and teaching.  I was offered a very nice deal from Julliard my senior year in high school and my parents too freaked out when I politely declined.  I love cello to much to do it for a living.  It''s not a field that allows a lot of personal expression until you are quite well-known and respected.  To have someone breathing down my neck to play a certain way would ruin the spirit of it for me :-)

I have a bachelor''s in sociology and public health and am doing my prereqs for medical school.  So i feel you on the completely different direction thing.  I love cello but it''s a personal thing.  Medicine is ever changing and that''s what keeps me interested, hence a better choice I think. :-)

Post by Skippy » June 23rd, 2007, 2:53 am
Morning Friends!

Last night I walked 3 miles. . . 2 w/cousin and 1 mile w/hubby.  Hubby and I saw the most perfect sunset w/lots of pink and salmon colors; it was so beautiful!!!!

This morning we are suppose to go hiking.  I woke at 6am ready to goImage but hubby said in a minute which means wait till I wake.  it is 6:50am right now so we will see what time we end up hiking.  Hopefully when it isn't too hotImage

I will keep you postedImage

Everyone seems to be doing well.
Hey MODIFIED BRILLIANT, Nice to see ya backImage


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Post by Modified Brilliant » June 23rd, 2007, 4:03 am
Thanks skippyImage
Jeff Ira, G.G. (Graduate Gemologist since 1986)
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Post by Dee*Jay » June 23rd, 2007, 6:56 am
I just had what can only be described as a quasi-religious experience: 761 cals on the elliptical!!! And I''m loving my scale again today, it gave me another 1/2 lb.

So, I''ve been off reading the internet again (yes, I know, sometimes I do myself more trouble than good!) and have come across some interesting things. One is that when you work out your body uses the sugars stored in your liver as fuel until they become depleted, which takes 20-30 minutes, and only then does it turn to fat for fuel. This is not a particularly useful fact, but I did find it interesting, LOL.

Another thing I read is that the absolute best time to work out for maximum fax burning is first thing in the morning and before you eat anything becuase then your body also only has its own fat to use for fuel. I usually have *something* (like a rice cake or a clementine) right before I work out on weekend mornings, even though I''m not hungry, but this morning I didn''t. (I did have my EmergenC though, which was probably a mistake because I''m sure that is about 25 cals of pure sugar in there to make the vitamins taste good.) The only time I felt even the slightest hunger pain was around 11:15, which is when I typically eat lunch anway (ha ha, I eat lunch so early everyone in my office referrs to it as brunch!). I was hungry when I was completely done, but that''s always the case. So, any thoughts on this "no eating before working out theory"?

Today we''re going to a graduation party for a very dear friend of mine who, at the tender young age of 50, has completed her bachelors degree. She couldn''t be happier and I couldn''t be happier for her. I''m going to try to be *reasonable* (I''m going even going as far as *good*) tonight and enjoy the party with her. She''s having a spread at a very nice local restaurant and I''m looking forward to the food!

Post by Mara » June 23rd, 2007, 7:07 am
morning all. DJ i always eat something in the morning because most everything i have ever read says if you do not eat something then your body has a harder time realizing it's time to wake up and start burning cals and wake up the metabolism. sure i guess working out could trigger that but if you eat something 20 min before working out, that's 20 min your body is working to burn off cals for you. i typically just eat about 140 cals in the mornings during the week and that lasts me til about 10am (from 7am to 10am basically)....i did find when we were traveling that i really liked working out in the mornings better than at night....but my schedule just does not allow that and i refuse to get up uber early to work out. i liked having coffee and something quick and then doing an hour at the gym on the vacation. i felt like it helped me burn more cals all day long too. but unfort i mostly work out at night! but yeah i have had the same experience as you, aka typically on the weekends i eat like 200-300 cals before working out (like over a span of 2-3 hours) then i work out for an hour and then i come home and i think okay i just burned like 500 cals but only ate 200-300 today, kinda interesting. but your body will also use energy and fat reserves if you had a big meal the night before as fuel. so it doesn't always just use whatever you just gave it for fuel. as for the 30 min plus, i have read the same thing about 30 minutes and also other things that said workouts of 30 minutes plus give you the max fat burning time. i almost always do more than 30 min anyway.

so last nite we had cuban food which was sooooo darn tasty. i had bread with diced garlic in olive oil (mega garlic, little evoo for me), and a garbanzo and chorizo soup that was to die for. then steamed seabass with red and green peppers in a white wine sauce, over rice. i brought most of the seabass home as i was so full from soup and bread. oh and we shared a pitcher of white sangria, which was soo tasty, i love their sangria!!! then this morning i had some bran cereal with berries and then 2 bowls of greg's trix, mmmm sugary high!!! lol. sometimes you just gotta have the kid cereal.

greg and i are going to go up to the mountain preserve today and do a hike/walk...should be fun, i am looking fwd to showing him where i have been walking this week. then later tonight he has a concert which we are going to with the neighbors and then going to a new mediterranean place for dinner that looks amazingly divine and has gotten fab reviews. i am so excited, i already plan to get the moroccan spiced crab cake and the seared ahi with white bean ragout, YUM. and i am sticking with my no dessert thing so far, we'll see!! i was so full last nite from sangria and bread lol.

anyhow hope everyone has a fab saturday!!! enjoy.

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

-Albert Einstein

Post by KimberlyH » June 23rd, 2007, 11:59 am
Happy Afternoon/Evening All!

We just got back from the Cubs/Sox game...I must say I am a good wife today, it was cold, cloudy and rainy and I didn''t pack a jacket or long sleeves and I toughed it out without complaint for DH.  He owes me!  ha ha ha

DeeJay, Shaw''s was delicious.  Last night we went to Everest and had our second amazing meal there.  What a treat!  I think we walked passed your housing complex yesterday afternoon; I recognized the river walk and building from a picture you posted of the new puppy.  Next time we''re in Chicago we''ll have to meet up for lunch and a bit of diamond oogling or something.  I was going to suggest it this time, but this is John''s birthday trip so I didn''t think he should have to spend it diamond drooling.  Congrats on more #s lost, that''s awesome.

Yay to you too, Marcy, for more lost weight.

We went shopping yesterday and I bought a pair of pants, capris and a tank for summer.  I was suprised to see I fit in a size 4.  The capris were a wee bit snug in the thigh area and I need them for work this summer so I ended up getting a 6 for some wiggle room, but I can stick an arm down the side of them.  The shorts were on super sale and they only had size 6, so they''re a bit big too.  I''ll have to do some shrinking when I get home. 

So for dinner last night the amuses bouches were a mint/pea soup, corn chowder w/ Maine lobster and potato glace, my first course was onion boullion w/ oxtail,  my main couse was a NY strip steak med/rare, potatoes alsace, green beans and the most amazing lemon cheesecake dessert.  WOW!  Such amazing food!

This morning I had an omlette for breakfast and we shared some peanuts at the game.  I wasn''t hungry for lunch, but John got hot dogs and was in heaven!

We''ve done a lot of walking, which is awesome!  I feel it in my booty. 

Have a fanstastic evening all.


Post by Haven » June 23rd, 2007, 12:39 pm
I so want in on this thread--I take it everyone is trying to eat well, workout, and lose weight so we come on here to support each other? I am in!

I''ve gained some weight over the last few years since I''ve switched jobs (used to teach college, now high school) and I need some motivation. Can I join in?
"Let your inner Liz Taylor out and rock it." - diamondfan

It's a bling thing.

Post by Mara » June 23rd, 2007, 1:46 pm
welcome Haven!! i wanted to say that i saw your pic on the ''pictures of couples'' thread and you look a lot like Kelly Monaco (from Dancing with the Stars and General Hospital) in that picture! super cute.

Greg and I did a 5m+ walk/hike today at the park preserve, it was so nice to spend some time together and get some exercise in. Then we ran a few errands, ate a late lunch of chicken & seabass leftovers (with some carrots and hummus) from last nite, then we took Portia for a short walk. I sat outside on the patio for a while and ate some cherries and got a little sun. It''s been a very nice day so far and beautiful weather. This evening we are going to Greg''s concert with the neighbors and then out for mediterranean dinner tonite...tasty!! Should be a fun evening.

Hope everyone had a fabulous Saturday! Enjoy your evenings all!

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

-Albert Einstein

Post by monarch64 » June 23rd, 2007, 2:22 pm
Hi haven!  Welcome aboard our little workout thread!

I went out to dinner last night with a couple gal pals...we ended up going to Friday''s, not a place I frequent but we thought it would serve the purpose of a cocktail or two and a sandwich.  I ordered a portabello mushroom sandwich and not only did it come out way after my other two friends got their food, but it was almost completely blackened and inedible.  Then it took ten minutes just to find a server to take it away, and by then my friends were pretty much finished with their meals, so the mgr. comes out and offers me like free dessert or something equally ridiculous, and I ended up not eating anything!  I was ticked, but fortunately I''d had some berry margarita concoction and wasn''t in too bad of a mood so I didn''t make a federal case of it.  I got back home and ate a big salad that was way better than anything I would''ve had at Friday''s, lol. 

The weather here has been cool and drizzly all day, so I''ve been inside lounging around with the dogs all day, which is nice to do sometimes.  No workout today, I''m still a little sore from yesterday''s little pilates session, ha. 

Hope everyone had a great Saturday!

Post by mrssalvo » June 23rd, 2007, 4:19 pm
welcome haven!!

Deejay, i usually workout very early so I rarely eat anything before I go. I''m just not hungry and I just don''t eat until I''m hungry. If i''m working out later in the morning then I''ll usually eat breakfast around 8:00am or so and workout at 10:00. I''d just do what feels right for you, whether that''s a light snack right before or not.

So, hubby and I ended up having steak last night for dinner. We thought about mexican but would definetly blow the calories where a steak with steamed veggies is much easier to keep him on track. It was wonderful and we skipped the appetizer but shared an amazing chocolate brownie with vanilla icecream, homemade chocolate sauce and whipped cream dessert. It was also nice to be out without the munchkins. We decided to just come home and ended up stopping by our local McDonalds where there is a DVD vending machine. For $1 you can rent movies and you just have to bring them back the next day. we ended up renting Music and Lyrics which was actually pretty cute and hey, well worth the buck. I ended up getting up at 6:00 (crazy for a sat.) and met my sister for the hike at magic mountian. It was fun and I was home by 8:00 so it didn''t interfere with the rest of my day. went to the pool for a few hours at my mom''s to be with her and my kids and then we all had dinner there. All in all it was a very fun day and weekend.

I hope everyone has a nice night and a relaxing sunday..

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Post by Rod » June 23rd, 2007, 4:36 pm
Happy Saturday Everyone.  Here it is 10:00 PM and it''s the absolute first chance I''ve had to check in!

Dee, funny how there are so many differing "best" times of the day to burn fat articles out there.  You just read one that said first thing in the morning.  A month or so ago, Men''s Health and Fitness magazine published an article saying the exact opposite.  I think I even wrote about that articile after reading it.  They theorized that working out at night was more effective because the metabolism and heart was in full swing by then.   Who knows the exact right time?  For me, it doesn''t really matter as I can''t (well, won''t is more like it) do early morning workouts as I have to be at work early.  The only time I can work out during the week is night time.  I certainly won''t give up my Sat or Sun AM sleep for an early work out either.  LOL.......So, mid-day on weekends will just have to do. 

Cello, thanks for letting me know about your musical life and how funny that your hubby played clarinet too!  It''s now been nearly 20 years since I put mine away and while there are times I miss it, I also know how much I was a slave to it.  10 - 12 hours a day in a small practice room just wasn''t going to be the right life for me.  Anyway, thanks for sharing!

Glad you enjoyed your 3 mile walk and hope you and hubby had a nice morning walk Skippy!!

You too Mara.  I hope you and Greg enjoy that hike in the hills.  And I hope you had no encounters with any big felines.  Oh no, that would not be fun at all.

Yes, I think John owes you Kimberly.  But, that dinner last night, sounded quite fantastic. I hope you are enjoying yourselves!!

Welcome Haven........we are a very dedicated group of the best people on the planet all hoping to live long and healthy lives.  Stick around and we''re glad to have you with us!!

So, today was a very nice day.  We had our usual Saturday morning coffee, fresh fruit and scone on the terrace and it was a lovely morning.  Breezy, not overly hot or humid.  It was actually nice not to have to rush off to a training session with our trainer.  We''re not staring sessions again until mid-July as he''s going to be out of town visitin his family on the west coast for the next couple weeks.   Then we headed out and had a quick lunch at Panera and then we headed to Sports Authority for some new gym shorts.  Medium''s for Rod........WOO HOO!  Charlie bought smalls and they fit him great!!  Then we had coffee (of course under our oak tree), then hit the gym for what wound up being a 3 hour session.  We just got going and the next thing we knew it was almost 6 PM. 

We wound up having dinner at our favorite waterfront restaurant and it was just a lovely evening on the bay.  Afterwards, we decided to try that frozen yogurt (with active yogurt cultures) I told you they gave samples of at the gym.  It''s called Cali-Yogurt, not sure what the Cali stands for, as there are evidently only 3 in the country.  While it was really really good, I''m not counting on this place staying in business too long.  They have 2 (yep only 2) flavors.  Plain and Green Tea.  The smallest portion you can order is 5 ounces and that''s $4.50. If you want a single topping (healthy fruits, or chocolate pieces, etc) it''s an extra .95 or you can have three topping for $1.45.  I had the small Green Tea with Pineapple, Strawberries and Blueberries and it was really good.  But at over $5.00 for a small cup it seemed a bit expensive to me.  And the fact that they only have two flavors doesn''t seem like a wise business model to me.  Still, it was a nice treat and we''ll go back again.  The yogurt btw., is 25 calories an ounce, so it was certainly a healthy and non-fat treat at 125 calories for the yogurt and with the little bit of fruit they added, the whole treat couldnt'' have exceeded 150 calories. 

We finished the evening off with a cup of coffee under the oak tree and then we came home and sat in the spa and swam in the pool under palm tree''s swaying in the breeze under a star filled sky.  All in all, it was just a really really nice day and evening.

I hope everyone''s day was as nice as ours!  Here''s to a terrific Sunday!!ImageImage

Post by Skippy » June 23rd, 2007, 5:46 pm
Gosh, today was a crappy day for eating. I was eating tons of snacks and even ate a grilled cheese!

I need to come up with filling healthy snacks. Any suggestions???
Hubby was sick today so no hiking.

Tomorrow we are having friends over for an outdoor barbecue. We are going to hike tomorrow, so take 2.

Kimberly, wow a Cubs Game! That's awesome. Sounds like you are eating healthy, kudos!
Monarch sounds like you are getting lots of workouts in. Great job!! Glad you are relaxing w/the dogs.
Mara, Yah for the 5 mile hike w/Greg!
Welcome Haven!!!
Hi MrsSalvo, yah for the pool day!
Rod, your evening sounded delightful just relaxing in the pool. Yah for MEDIUM's, great job!
DeeJay, yah for pushing it on the ellip!
Hey, Cello and Marcy!  Great workouts.  Marcy, thanks for the sweet compliment.  Image

Night allImage


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Post by marcy » June 23rd, 2007, 7:01 pm

Hi fellow WWT’s.  I dread looking at the scale in the morning; maybe I’ll pass until Monday.  I wasn’t really bad today but I did eat things I normally don’t and I definitely went over 1200 calories.  I had a 270 calorie breakfast (toast, egg, 10 g mozz cheese and 1 piece Canadian bacon).  For lunch we went to OMG!!! McDonalds.  I had a small hamburger plain (ate only ½ the bun) and 10 french fries.  At the picnic I had a hamburger in a bun, raw veggies, baked lays, part of a coke and a small piece of cheesecake.  Then I stopped by to visit my family and had a small piece of peach pie.  At least it was fruit, right?  I did walk a lot today though so hopefully that will help counteract the cheesecake and pie.

I went shopping for clothing for to wear to a wedding in a few weeks and didn’t find anything.  I am trying to spend very little on clothing right now because anything I buy for this summer will be way too big for me next summer.  I ended up ordering a drawstring waist denim skirt online and will look for a dressy blouse at the mall.  I need new clothes bad but can’t find anything I like.  I look forward to the day when I can buy clothes that aren’t in the plus sizes.  I’ve actually got some clothes already that are simply XL so I’m getting there.

Cello: that is really neat you want to just continue to enjoy the cello and not ruin that passion by making it your life’s work.  Good luck on medical school.

Dee: Yeah to loosing another ½ pound.  That is interesting the best time to work out is in the morning.  I don’t think I’d have the motivation to get up early to work out; I can stay up for a long time but sure hate to get up any earlier than I have to.

Mara: Your walk and dinner sound terrific.  I hope you had fun; I had dessert for you since I had two tonight.

Kimberly: You are a good wife toughing it out at the game in the rain.  It sounds like you are having a great trip.  Let me know if you can shrink you shorts; I need to try and shrink all of my clothes so I don’t have to go a bunch of new things.  It’s funny I can manage to shrink my husband’s clothes with no problem but I can’t get my big clothes to shrink at all.

Welcome Haven: I just joined last week and have really enjoyed it so far.  It’s nice no longer being the newbee.  Cello joined after I did, too.

Monarch: Sorry to hear your dinner at Friday’s was not very good.  It sounds like you had better food at home anyway.  We had a very nice day here today.  It was in the 80’s and breezy so it was a nice day for a picnic here.

Mrssalvo: We’re doing the steak and veggies for dinner tomorrow.  I watched Music and Lyrics and thought it was pretty good too.

Rod:  It sounds like you had a lovely day.  I have to ask what is a scone?  I’m thinking it’s a filled pastry but I’ve never had one and you like them so much I am just curious.  I was excited to hear you enjoyed a star filled sky.

SkippyGirl: I stocked up on lots of those 100 calories snack packs; they help me through the day.  I like raw veggies too but some days they just don’t cut it for me.

Have a great Sunday!


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Post by aljdewey » June 23rd, 2007, 8:02 pm
Date: 6/23/2007 11:46:16 PM
Author: Skippy123

I need to come up with filling healthy snacks. Any suggestions???

Skippy, I''ve found hummus to be a great snack for me.

I''m pre-diabetic, so I have to watch sugars.  I need to lean toward things that are complex carbs and higher in fiber.

Hummus fits the bill nicely.  It''s satisfying, it seems to scratch the ''snacky'' itch, and it''s high in fiber.

I''ve been pairing it with one of two things:  either Joseph''s Whole Wheat, Flax and Oat Bran pitas, or All-Bran crackers.  Both are very high in fiber....which means filling/bulky.  It''s my new healthier version of chips n dip.  LOL
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Post by monarch64 » June 23rd, 2007, 8:18 pm
skippy, for snacks I love (well, used to love, some of these are not do-able for me since I had my braces put on):

a handful of unsalted almonds
2 tbsp. peanut butter with a rice cake
a lite yogurt
berries and half a banana
a small bowl of cereal of your choice
a sliced cucumber with salt and pepper, and maybe a little FF ranch dressing on the side
hummus with mini pita pockets from TJ's

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