Post by Hudson_Hawk » November 14th, 2008, 8:53 am
So yesterday, I was at home working in my brand new guest room/office (I work from home in my new job) and who should show up around 10:30 am or so but...FI!!!!! He went to work like any other morning (requiring an hour+ commute), and was laid off first thing. His entire division of 90 or so people were let go. The severance will cover bills through the holidays, but after that I don''t know what''s going to happen. FI works in construction management so he has no job unless people want to build. *Sigh* I feel like the universe just took a big dump on us. I''m in the middle of a job transition (which pays more, but not nearly enough to cover our expenses), we just bought a new car, we need a new roof, it''s the holidays, and we''re trying to plan and pay for a wedding. We were working on paying off our debt and we were doing really good, but we have no savings because of it. So no emergency fund to speak of.

Fi is in good spirits (thank god) and is already working on sending out resumes. Unfortunately the market is saturated with people like him, so jobs are going to be super hard to come by, and RI has the WORST unemployment rate in the country. Ugh, it''s so hard to stay positive. Please, someone talk me off the ledge....

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