Post by zhuzhu » April 13th, 2008, 4:46 pm
OK, so I love my DH dearly and I know how handy he is. HOWEVER, this cute nut-head of mine wants to do ALL the home repairs and improvements himself! The laundry list include putting in hardwood floor to the WHOLE HOUSE, breaking down a small wall in the bathroom to modify the bathtub, repairing the water regulator system, changing out the sprinkler system in the garden, and seed/landscape the yard/garden himself. He even wants to install ceiling fan by himself!

Though I am 100% confident that he has what it takes to learn and do them right, it is going to take MUCH LONGER TIME for all these professional-grade improvement items to be done correctly if he does it himself (he is an engineer, not a plumber by training).

I MUCH PREFER to spend the money to have Home Depo or landscaping professionals to get it done right the first time, but he will not listen!!!

How do you talk your DH out of doing things that you disagree on? In our case it is not that we could not afford to hire help to do them, but that he just wants to them himself - but I am not so happy about the potential risk and time involved with these DIY. What should I do??? Image