Post by Class n Sass » December 4th, 2008, 4:39 pm
My husband came to me tonight with the an idea about saving money.  My husband is the worry wart out of the two of us.  Now with the economy being in such horrible shape and us awaiting the arrival of our first child in May he is becoming even more worried.  He as an idea to take the money that we spend on "extra" items and double it to put into our savings account.  For example if we buy something that it "extra" like a dinner out at a restaurant and that dinner cost $60 then we should also put $60 in our savings account.  Something about this idea just doesn''t sound right to me.  He feels like we are not saving enough money and I also would like to save more money too.  However he wants to apply this rule to our separate checking accounts.  I don''t feel like I should have to do this with the money that is considered my "personal" money.  We have a portion of our paychecks that go into our joint account for bills and a portion that goes into our personal accounts for gas, lunch money and whatever else.  After buying gas and lunch there is not a whole lot left over but still its my money that I use for my occasional trips to the hairdresser and my bi-weekly manicures.  My husband said that my manicures are not a necessity and that I should take money from that and put into savings.  So my $8 mani would really cost $16.  I feel like at that rate I won''t be able to buy anything.  He also feels the same way about my 2 magazine subscriptions. He doesn''t see why I should care because the money is going into "our" savings account and it is forcing us to examine our spending more.  I just feel like he is really knitpicking.  He also feels that if I spend five bucks on Mcdonalds while out with my mom on a Saturday then I should take five bucks and throw into savings.  So basically if we can''t afford to buy 2 of something then we cant afford to buy one.  I know this is gonna affect me more.  I am not against making some sacrifices but I just feel like this is a bit much.  I have "personal" money so that I do what I want with it.  It gives me some freedom.  He said he is not restricitng my spending because I can still spend but it will allow us to save more at the same time.  I just feel like I can''t even fully put into words how much I don''t like this idea.  I would rather we just increase the amount of money that we put into savings from our joint account.  Please tell me what you think and what you would do in this situation.  My husband grew up in a much more frugal home than I did.  He can do without alot more than me and us used to having a lot less than me.  I think that plays a huge part because we don''t agree on what is "extra" and what is a necessity.  I think maternity clothes for my expanding body is a necessity.  He thinks its not.  If I but 5 shirts for $100 but can''t afford to pay $200 then I have to leave them all.  It just sounds kinda ridiculous.  When I said that he thinks I am being resistant and said I am not willing to give up anything.  HELP!!