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Post by AmberWaves » July 20th, 2007, 9:49 am
Ellaila, my cousin had boy/girl twins!! They are so adorable, and it''s amazing how you can tell which is which. They have different personalities, the boy is a little more pensive, just sitting there watching things, and the girl is constantly laughing and giggling. They are almost 6 mos. old, and so sweet.


Also, congrats to Stephen''s Bride!! It''s great news!

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Post by Tacori E-ring » July 20th, 2007, 12:17 pm
Congrats Ella! How exciting! Fagile X is VERY rare so don''t worry.
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Post by StephensBride » July 20th, 2007, 12:38 pm
Thanks Charger & Amber!   I have been away from PS far too long Image.   Has there even been another LA GTG since that first one?  Maybe it''s time?  We can show off bling and bellies!

Post by divergrrl » July 21st, 2007, 7:30 pm
Ellaila: Congratulations! wow! Jackpot! One of sweet.  How are you feeling?  I stayed in bed for 2 days after mine...had dh get me movies, treats, bring me food in bed, and take care of Jake. LOL.  I know I didn''t need to stay in bed that long, but I needed the break from being mommy/running my household so I took any time I could get. LOL.  I''m so bad! Image  So, do they not test for Fragile X as part of regular amnio testing?  I also got tay-sachs & cystic fibrosis testing (dh is half jewish, hence the taysachs).  I started worrying about Fragile X after Maisie''s posts as well. 

I feel like dog heartburn is SO BAD that I have a constant flow of bile in my throat & all food makes me sick.  I think yogurt, dry toast & bananas are ok.  Freakin'' worse than my first trimester!  My OB has me on Zantac, but its not helping as much as I''d like.  I spent much of today in the we roadtripped y''day to Seattle  & back today so the car rides were HELL! 

My good friend in Texas is a maternity/newborn photographer & I am flying her out on Thursday!  Real maternity photos!wooooooooooooooo!  One of the many perks of a dh who travels..I have lots of airline miles to use/give out.  love it.

Well...i need to hit the hay...the drive back was hard..


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Post by ellaila » July 22nd, 2007, 12:27 pm
Oh Diver, that heartburn sounds so miserable, sweetie Image I hope you can find some relief from it soon (other than giving birth, that is)! A friend of mine got professional pregnancy photos, and they are *gorgeous* -- I totally want to do them too!Please share some of yours with us!

After the amnio, I spent all day Friday lying around on the couch. Yesterday we went to visit my dad in the hospital (for a leg infection. I''m starting to feel like I''m a jinx as everyone I know is going into the hospital lately -- hubby, Dad, and my Mom next week for her back surgery too!) and I was still a little crampy so after a quick walk through Home Depot, I went home and spent the rest of the day lying on the couch again. I felt MUCH better by last night, so we were able to go out and buy our kitchen appliances and a grill for the new house -- yeahooooO!! The house is coming along SO beautifully, we''re just so happy with it! We covered up the vomit/dark vomit walls with a really pretty soft gray/tan color with white trim, and it''s incredible how different the house looks already. Image Hubby should really go on HGTV or something -- he''s got such great vision.

I''m Jewish so I got the whole panel of "Jewish tests" done already and I know I''m not a carrier, so I''m not worried about those. I''m not too worried about Fragile X but I figured that if I can get tested for it, I may as well! I think the amnio looks for cystic fibrosis, right? What a long time 10-14 days can feel like when you''re waiting for results!

Tacori, hope you''re having a great shower weekend! This one is with your family where you grew up?

StephensBride and njc, hiya preggos -- how ya doing? Image

Post by Tacori E-ring » July 22nd, 2007, 12:35 pm
Hey everyone! I am finally home. I do have to say I got SOOO emotional saying good bye to my mom. I guess b/c there is a possibility the next time she will see me I will be a mom myself. She is going to try to come out for the birth but works full time and lives far away so if I go early she will miss it (she is coming a day or two before my EDD). I guess I am just starting to get a little scared and hope she will be there to hold my hand. If not I know I am in good hands and that DH will be there no matter what. I guess we NEVER grow out of needing our mommies stage. My mom told me she cried all the way home from the airport Image.

My shower was really fun. It was nice since I hadn't seen some of our family friends since our wedding. Got some good gifts (but most where not off my registry). I guess I should go back and figure what I REALLY want/need. The grandmothers to be pitched in and bought my nursery glider Image I was so excited about that! I need to convince DH to come with me to pick out the fabric. My mom and sister had everyone (well not everyone did it but the option was there) to draw/write a message on squares of white fabric and my mom is going to quilt them together. I think it will be such a cute keepsake. I think I am still having a smaller shower here so I am hoping to get some of my smaller stuff (more bottles, bottle warmer, stroller toys, etc....) then.

I think DH really wants to put up raised paneling in the nursery. Do you think white (like on in the photo of the nursery thread) will look okay with the dark furniture? I think if we do that we will paint the wall the lime/army green that is in the bedding. DH will like that since it is not typical and I will since it will only be on the upper 1/3 of the walls. I have decided to paint some paintings that mimic the bedding pattern. I am really excited about that project. I haven't painted since college. Hopefully I can find all my brushes. I was thinking on three and hanging them above the crib.

What are everyones thoughts on changing tables? Are they worth it? If we get one I am going to get a cheap one ($100) and paint it blue or green. How long can you use it before baby gets too big.

ETA: Diver I have really bad heartburn too so I can totally relate! So far Tums have giving me relief but I wonder if I will need something stronger as I get farther along.

Ella: I grew up in Milwaukee for 9 years (ages 5-14). My parents moved back when I was in college. How funny one of my dad's residents went to school with me. I guess he remembered me well. I have a hard time remembering anyone I grew up with is older than an 8th grader Image Like I grew up but no one else did. My first reaction was that he is too young to be a doctor!!! Haha!
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Post by dixie94 » July 22nd, 2007, 4:20 pm
Ellaila, congratulations on finding out that you''re having a boy and a girl! That''s so exciting! I like your name choices a lot.

Post by snlee » July 22nd, 2007, 6:23 pm
Congrats Stephensbride!

ella, congrats on the exciting news! A boy and girl is awesome news! I''m glad the amnio went well too.

Post by JadeLeaves » July 22nd, 2007, 6:35 pm
Ellaila, you are living my dream Image - I''ve always wanted a boy and a girl and both at once Image Congrats!

Congratulations to Stephensbride too!


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Post by divergrrl » July 22nd, 2007, 7:45 pm
Tacori: I still change Jake on his changer...I''m ready to move it to the baby''s room as soon as dh finishes it, but I''ve used it daily for 2.5 years. His feet now hang over the end & we are soon to start pottytraining.  I like that it has 2 shelves underneath. 1 right below the changing surface where I keep diapers, wipes, poo disposal bags, diaper cream, lotions, etc...and then on the bottom shelf I keep extra wipes, the rest of the dipes, etc.  I might be in the minority, but I find it very useful.  I entertained the idea of using a dresser w/pad on top of it, but it was too low...changing tables are high enough (and I''m short) to make changing a breeze, and you will change a lot of diapers!  I got mine for $100 and its been great. Needs tightening now...but after 2.5 years, that''s not bad.

Sounds like your shower was wonderful...3 showers so far? I''m so jealous!  I had 2 with old coworkers threw me a high tea at a great hotel--- so it was just the 5 of us & it was a lot of fun & then I also had my "big" shower...I''m really excited about mine... 8-11!!!

Ellaila: Ya know...I wonder if they realize I''m not the Jewish one when they did the Tay Sachs. Because in order for me to get TS & CF testing done, I had to have a blood draw & it was somehow compared with my amnio results.  ???? So confused.  Seeing that my dh is the Jewish one (only half though...his mom''s side are Israeli Jews I believe--that''s what my SIL told me--she had to get TS testing)..  I have no idea....I just hold my arm out & let them draw blood. 


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Post by ellaila » July 23rd, 2007, 3:03 am

Thanks for the congrats, everyone! I sure hope the techs were right with their boy/girl announcement -- I'd hate to disappoint everyone in a few weeks if we find out they were wrong! (Not that WE'd be disappointed, no matter what we get, but ... well, one of each sure is a bonus!)

My happy news for the day is I can still wear my pre-pregnancy jeans (my beloved Paiges) so I'm happy b/c I really didn't want to invest in maternity jeans just yet, since I know I will still outgrow them! I'm doing the rubber-band-through-the-buttonhole trick, but they still fit fine elsewhere -- yay!

They are redoing the roof in my work building right now (for three (#$)^)ing weeks!), and it sounds like a war going on directly over my head. I'm going MAD from all this banging!!!!! AGGGHHHHHH!!!!

Diver, I was reading a thread on heartburn in the twins forum, and here are some of their recommendations:

"Papaya enzymes from the health food store are amazing!!! My chiropractor suggested them. I take "Chewable Super Papaya Enzyme Plus" by American Health, that's the brand she recommends. I don't even have to take Tums anymore, which really weren't doing much in the first place. The papaya really works."

"I took Zantac and Pepcid AC through my pregnancy and when I couldn't get to that quick enough I chewed on cinnamon gum!! Works like a charm!! " (note from ellaila: If you want CINNAMONY gum, try the Altoids cinnamon gum -- holy cow!! At first I couldn't even handle it, but now all other cinnamon gums taste wimpy to me. Whenever I pop a piece of the Altoids gum, hubby warns, "Watch out, babies!" -- hee hee)

"After going through an entire bottle of Tums in less than a week and Pepcid AC twice a day and STILL having symptoms, my peri prescribed me Protonix, and I haven't had a day of heartburn since!"

"I used to drink water with baking soda in it... it's worth a shot!"

Tacori, yay for another great shower! I can't wait to get a glider (or some type of comfy nursing chair) -- that's one of the gifts I look forward to most Image And I haven't looked at the nursery thread in a while, but I LOVE the look of beadboard/wainscoting (I assume that's what you mean by raised white paneling?) and also want to do that in the babies' room! I think it looks so elegant, yet sort of rustic at the same time -- and the white can tone down darker colors to make a nursery more babylike.

Post by Tacori E-ring » July 23rd, 2007, 3:26 am
Diver, I am pretty sure both parents have to be a carrier for Tay Sachs. Since you are not Jewish I think there is really no chance. But it is such a horrible thing I guess it is good to know 100% sure. I am done after 3 showers. The third will be pretty small since I don''t have that many close friends in Charlotte. I still need some stuff but have a feeling we will just buy it ourselves. Where did you get your changer from? I saw one that came with baskets for the shelves. Thought that was cute.

Ella, DH is really handy so I am sure it will look good if that is what we decide to do. He got really excited about the idea. By raised panels I mean that is the style (or at least what I call it) we want it to be pretty high (not the typical chair rail height) and have thick molding that can be used as a shallow shelf at the top. This style was used in older homes (1920s I think) so hopefully it won''t look too out of place in a newer home.

I love my glider since it looks like a regular chair but has the hidden glider part on the bottom. It is so comfy I could (and probably will Image) fall asleep in it!!!
Expectations are nothing but premeditated resentments.

Happiness is an inside job.

Post by divergrrl » July 23rd, 2007, 6:20 am
Tacori: We have a lot of 100 year old wood in our house like what you are describing for your nursery, its oozes charm & I love it.  Have you considered using beadboard for your raised panel?  I love beadboard...such a great look...but there are so many different options out there.  I say go for it!

Ellaila: Aww. I wanted you to post a pic of vomit/dark vomit couture walls.  The new color sounds sumptuous. Thanks for the heartburn reminded me that I chewed papaya tablets with Jake.  (my ob would not ok the zantac last time--but now he says its ok...and perhaps I''ll grab some pepcid when I go to the store to get my papaya tablets).   I''m constantly on the verge of vomiting, its so gross.  I can only eat really small food portions and only really light/lean things with NO fat in them.  (fat kicks it up). Ok...well I''ll look on the bright side, at least its getting me prepped for the post-baby diet.  LOL.  Congrats on wearing your Paiges...I wore my jeans until I was 13 weeks...buttoned even..(gotta love low 7''s and Citizens--Paiges don''t fit me--wahhh---my booty''s too round--I''ve tried every pair in Nordy''s)

I am in AGONY. Between the awful indigestion & the fire in my throat, everything hurts.  I am 31.5 weeks.  I am now kind of like "sure, bring on the C-section & lets schedule it at 38 weeks & get this OVER WITH".  What a sad way to think.  Image but I just want it over with already. 

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Post by njc » July 23rd, 2007, 8:45 am

SB – I love the name Sabrina! We don’t have a name officially picked out yet, but the last one that was agreed upon is Jonathan William. Yet another thing to add to our list of things to do!

Tacori – I didn’t have to do anything special for my GD test, just show up, sorry I am no help! I will update the nursery thread if and when we ever finish! So exciting that you will paint soon. I just saw some pics this morning where someone just bought your valence and painted the bubbles all over their room… it was pretty cool. Sounds like your shower was blast… cant wait for mine. You are having baby showers the way I had bridal showers… everyone wanted to throw me one then and now, nada. Oh well. Love the idea of the raised paneling… it’s a cute look! And I wouldn’t worry about the white with dark furniture… whenever I see pics of that stuff it always seems to be white.

I don’t think I am going to do a changing table. I’d rather keep the room open and we are using a nice long dresser, so I’m just going to get one of those little pads. I think it may be a tad on the short side and if it is, I’m going to get DH to do something that raises the whole dresser up or just building something that the pad fits into that’s higher.

Diver – Cute belly! So cute and round… wish mine were like that! Sorry about all the heartburn and you being so miserable. At least you know you will be getting a c-section and can plan it early.

Ella – How exciting… a boy and a girl!!! I love it, I love it, I love it!!! Glad everything appeared well and hopefully the results will say the same.

Nothing too new here… got to enjoy some false labor on Saturday! I had contractions just about every 2 minutes although a few were 3 and 4 minutes apart. Funny thing is I wasn’t doing anything (already lying on the sofa) and hadn’t done anything crazy earlier in the day either. So I got DH to start bringing me lots and lots of water. I think I drank about 120 oz in a matter of 2 hours. After about an hour, I was ready to call the doc, but DH said to give it another 15 minutes… glad I did because they stopped! I have a regular check up on Thursday, so I will mention it then. Also little guy was kicking his heart out the whole time and has been up to his usual routine, so pretty sure he is okay too.

Post by Tacori E-ring » July 23rd, 2007, 2:06 pm
njc, I would love to see a photo of the room you saw!

Diver, I like bead board too but that even goes with our house less than the raised panel (in my mind anyways). I will show DH the photo and see if he can copy it.

I went today to pick out the fabric for my nursing glider. I think I am going to use the mocha color (figure it will hide stains nicely). I ordered some cheap canvases from Dick Blick. I am going to do 12" x12" Can''t decide how many though. At first I wanted 3 but it was the same price to order 6 so I figured I could use the extras in a different room. There are so many different patterns I COULD do six different and hang them 3 x 2 over the crib. Any ideas?

Also I think I found my pack ''n play! Image I like Combi one where the bassinette (sp?) comes out and has a seperate stand. That will be one less thing to buy and be very useful the first three months or so. I just need to find the best price. I think BRU with their $25 off coupon I get ALL the time will be the best bet. I am just relieved I finally found something I like.
Expectations are nothing but premeditated resentments.

Happiness is an inside job.

Post by divergrrl » July 23rd, 2007, 7:30 pm
Tacori: You know, everyone''s house is different & so are needs, but heck, I got MILES out my pack n play.  Our house is big & very the kids rooms are upstairs on the OTHER end of the house, (too far) so Jake slept in his PNP in my room next to me for the first 5.5 months.  Also, DH & I loved to road trip with him all the time, (he went on his first big trip at 1 month) so we took it everywhere. 

I doubt Delaney will get as much use out of it, now that I''m used to how far the bedrooms are (and I use an Angel Care Monitor--sounds an alarm if they stop breathing for more than 20 ROCKS) but she will sleep in it until I get Jake transitioned to his big boy bed....I also left it up in my room for many months after he moved upstairs (and will again) because it made a GREAT spot to lay him down if I had to go answer the door, go to the bathroom, or do something real quick & I didn''t want to leave him on the floor with the dog running around etc.  (my master is just off the living room/kitchen main area, so it was perfect)  Plus it has a diaper changer & a place for supplies, so I didn''t have to go upstairs to the nursery for every change.  Convenient.  but I have a big master, so there was enough room.

Alien Lifeform in my Belly: Well....I was feeling a little knobby thing sticking out of my side, kinda pointy...(elbow? knee? who knows) and I put some gentle pressure on it & she moved it around.  COOL!  I was at my friend''s house & I made her come over & Delaney  got her good...made her jump..LOL..and she''s a mom too!  This kind of stuff makes all the heartburn worth it.  

Just for fun:Old wives tale re: means your baby will have lots of hair.  Jake was born with a full head of dark brown hair & I had horrid heartburn, so we''ll see! 

Jade Leaves: how fun to see your cute avatar!! How is that cute little button?  Such a precious little bebe... I remember when you first posted those! Wow, time flies!! How old is he now?

NJC: how many weeks are you now? I bet you look adorable too. I hope you are feeling well....I keep forgetting when your due date is! I really DONT want a c-section...I''m scared of the recovery. Although my recovery from delivering Jake the regular way was no picnic.  Took 2 months before I felt normal (some of that is made worse by nursing/fatigue/newborn issues)  and my nether region was sore for 8 months.  So I guess there really isn''t any easy way out.  LOL.  Any of our veteran mommies who lurk from time to time have any input on c-sections recoveries if they had one? 

Ya know girls...Ellaila & I posted belly shots....ante up! You can cut out your face & stay nicely covered up if you are more comfortable. 

Well, I''m off to check out some stuff...surfing baby sites!

Tacori again: Oooooh, I have glider envy.  You are gonna LOVE it!!! I didn''t even think to get one like that with Jake, so I bought a cherrywood one with ecru upholstery, a traditional glider.  Then, I discovered those ones that look like a chair & was like DANGIT! I should have gotten this.  OMG so comfy.  But I had already purchased mine, and had it for too long to return.  Image  I did make 2 of my friends buy the chair I coveted...I always sit in them when I''m at their bad.

Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got.... :-P

Post by ellaila » July 24th, 2007, 4:18 am
To the Moms here -- I love reading your recommendations on things (strollers, monitors, etc.). I know I'll use your posts later when I'm actually registering/buying things! So keep 'em coming!!

Once we take some better photos of the house, I'll post some "before" and "during/after" photos so you can see the transformation of the vomitous walls to something oh-so-loverly Image

Tacori, what glider did you get? Is it from BRU? Is it on the Web site? I wanna see! I hope I even have room for a glider somewhere. The house isn't very big, and there will eventually be two cribs in the babies' room, so .. umm .... not really sure where a big chair will go. And supposedly, normal gliders aren't big enough to feed two babies at once (which I don't know if I'd even be capable of, but lots of multiples-Moms do it), so I'd need some XL chair or something! Yikes.

So my happiness at fitting into my jeans yesterday was shortlived b/c as soon as I ate lunch, YOUCH was I uncomfortable! Now I know why people buy maternity clothes -- them stretchy waists are definitely the way to go! I don't want to spend money on summer mat. pants at this point (shirts, yes; pants, no), so I just keep wearing the same pants over and over again (three pairs of Charlottes [remember that PS rage from last summer? Love 'em!!] -- two capris, one beach pants -- and a knockoff pair from Old Navy). Oh well.

I know we discussed Destination Maternity's return policy before, but Image it makes me so mad!! I knew that special occassion stuff was nonreturnable, but I didn't realize that anything on sale is also final sale. And that you cannot get cash or credit refunds on anything -- just store credit. Ugh, that annoys me so much! I'm stuck with a $5 credit there now, which I really don't even want to use b/c I just dislike that store now based on its policies.

njc, false labor! Image Holy cow! We definitely need to keep posting our due dates b/c I keep forgetting when everyone is due, too, but you still have a ways to go, don't you? Are you October? Were the contractions really painful?

Diver and njc, reading about your little ones jumping all around is getting me so excited (OK, and a bit scared!) to feel the babies start moving soon!! I'm 17 weeks tomorrow, so hopefully any day now ...

EDD: 1/2/08

Post by ellaila » July 24th, 2007, 4:30 am
Oh, and some new u/s photos! Here''s our boy (making fishy lips -- he doesn''t have those in the other photos!) and our upside-down girl Image

twin_bebes3.jpg (83.74 KiB) Viewed 490 times

Post by Tacori E-ring » July 24th, 2007, 4:45 am
Here is the chair I am ordering. It is from but the dealer we are going through is USA Baby. (FYI they are having their once a trimester sale right now) They have a ton of fabric choices. I think I am going to get the micro fiber (since it is suppose to be really easy to clean and comfy) in the mocha. It matches the brown in the bedding PERFECTLY. Image It is the thing I am the most excited about.

Diver, I was just thinking of posting a belly shot. I need to get the recent pics off of DH''s camera. I also promised someone a puppy thread so I better get moving! It''s so funny people''s reactions. My uncle seemed concerned by how "large" I was. I think he didn''t realize that October really isn''t THAT far away and that I am a short girl! The baby needs room and there is only one way to get it. People''s bodies are just so different. I saw a girl at USA baby yesterday buying furniture and I would have guessed her due date was around mine (based on her belly size) well I heard them tell them she is due in Dec. And I thought she looked adorable.

Our house is fairly large so I think a PnP is a MUST. I want a nap area for the downstairs (all the bedrooms are upstairs).

Ella, I am convinced I have a lazy baby but yesterday (s)he was in full force. (S)he moved all the time and the movements are getting stronger. I am sure with twins you will be feeling them soon!
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Expectations are nothing but premeditated resentments.

Happiness is an inside job.

Post by Tacori E-ring » July 24th, 2007, 6:11 am
Ella, your twin u/s are great! They are getting to big!
Expectations are nothing but premeditated resentments.

Happiness is an inside job.

Post by Feb03Bride » July 24th, 2007, 7:03 am
Tacori-  I didn''t have a changing table with my first and it was fine, but I did buy one for my second baby and loved it!  No more hunching over and ending up with a sore back, eveything is where it needs to be, etc.  Mine was a Babi Italia and it lasted through two little boys Image  I just gave it away when we bought my third kiddo his "grown up" furniture!  He''s not potty trained (22 months) but his bed is nice and high so I just change him now on there and keep his diapers and wipes in his dresser. 

Post by njc » July 24th, 2007, 9:54 am

Tacori – Awesome about the PnP and the glider! I am still trying to decide if I want one. Our room isnt that big, so maybe one with an ottoman would be nice? I can fall asleep anywhere so, as long as its comfy. Love the glider you picked out… that’s what I’m thinking about if we go for one. I just don’t know! Some days I just want to go to the store and pick up a “mommy starter kit” and come home and have everything done. Its getting exhausting picking everything out, researching, picking again, finding the cheapest price… I just want to be done!

Diver – I obviously have no advice on the c-section, but my mom had 3… one emergency, two planned. I know I’m not exciting about one, but at least its not a big last minute we gotta do this NOW kinda thing for you. You are getting time to prepare. From my one friend that has had one, its like you did a bazillion sit-ups, so any kind of movement just sucks. Not super positive… sorry… hopefully someone with real experience will comment! About the nether regions… I showed DH a thing on peri message last night and he was like what on earth?!? I said to help me stretch and he made this horrible face… it was kinda funny, like he hadn’t thought about that needing to stretch for the baby and then he pictured “tossing hot dogs down a hallway”. Hahahaha, poor guy! I’m 30 weeks today (EDD 10.02), cant believe I only have 10 weeks left… so scary and we still have nothing done really!

About alien life forms: I keep trying to figure out body parts, but just cant do it… guess there is too much padding… maybe before the end? I think that’s cool though and cant wait. DH was complaining about his foot twitching/spazing the other day and I was “uh hun, okay, whatever. I see your foot and raise you twenty” and pointed to my belly and added, “and mine is another PERSON”. Needless to say I won! Hahaha.

Ella – I was really afraid about the baby moving too, afraid I was going to be really freaked out by it, but I love it. I did comment to DH the other day that I couldn’t imagine what it would be like with twins or if I was like a dog and had 5+ in there! Everyone going in there own direction. Cant wait for you to tell us what its like. I think it should be soon too… I think I started to feel things around 16 weeks, but wasn’t convinced what I felt was movement until I saw him kick on our 20 week u/s. So which is ham UB and quiet LB in terms of boy/girl? Is UB the girl? I just love u/s pics… I really want a 3D one, but at the same time, I want that to be our big surprise on b-day. Yes, its way early for false labor (EDD 10.02), but I guess that’s what I had… it was regular contractions every 2 minutes. They didn’t really hurt, just my belly getting hard, but I got a period-like crampy feeling at one point.

Tacori - Here is the nursery pic I was telling you about... sorry for the screen shot and paste... they put everything up crazy! I like the bubbles, but really think it needs a colored background. Think its cool they but some on the ceiling too! (Hoping its not too big...)

splashroom.jpg (55.43 KiB) Viewed 490 times

Post by njc » July 24th, 2007, 10:01 am
And for Diver and Ella who have bravely born the bellies...

I''ve been trying to keep a running collage on my big growth spurts... think its kinda fun to see the changes. Some are really subtle like the bottom half poking out or the whole belly going out. I just keep waiting for my basketball to show up... it looks more like a square to me! Image
months2scope.jpg (54.57 KiB) Viewed 490 times

Post by ellaila » July 24th, 2007, 10:21 am
OK, seriously I have to stop looking at twin bellies b/c my perception is getting all out of whack, but to me, you look TEENY TINY, njc!! What a cute pregnant lady you are (albeit headless Image)! You really don''t look like you''ve even "popped" yet -- I mean, you look pregnant for sure, but you really don''t look like you''ve only got 10 more weeks to go.

Tacori, I love your chair too -- I''m sure it''ll be smashing in mocha!! I can''t find a chair like that on that bestchairs web site though -- is it not listed under Gliders? We don''t have USA Baby here, but I did find another furniture store that has that brand, so I''ll check them out.

Post by Miranda » July 24th, 2007, 10:32 am
Date: 7/24/2007 4:01:16 PM
Author: njc
And for Diver and Ella who have bravely born the bellies...

I''ve been trying to keep a running collage on my big growth spurts... think its kinda fun to see the changes. Some are really subtle like the bottom half poking out or the whole belly going out. I just keep waiting for my basketball to show up... it looks more like a square to me! Image
What great pics!  I had a square shaped tummy, too, njc.  You probably won''t get a basketball shape.

Post by Tacori E-ring » July 24th, 2007, 12:01 pm
I think it is under their "storytime" collection. My chair is the "Quinn" but they have lots of other styles. The bubbles are cute. Maybe just around the windows would be nice (I don''t want to overdo it)

Here is a picture of me at my shower (26 weeks). I feel like my belly looks smaller than it is in this pic though. Maybe it is the dress. Ignore the uneven skin and huge arm. Image Vanity doesn''t go with pregnancy huh?
Tacori_bellywk26.jpg (71.83 KiB) Viewed 490 times
Expectations are nothing but premeditated resentments.

Happiness is an inside job.

Post by Tacori E-ring » July 24th, 2007, 12:10 pm
Here was my belly at week 24. I think it gives you a better idea of my belly size Image
Tacori_bellywk24.jpg (43.24 KiB) Viewed 490 times
Expectations are nothing but premeditated resentments.

Happiness is an inside job.

Post by Miranda » July 24th, 2007, 12:46 pm
You look great Tacori!!!  Don''t believe anything else!!!!

Post by Kaleigh » July 24th, 2007, 12:52 pm
Tacori, look at your cute self!!!  You look terrific!!!Image
Piece of cake and a candle *** NG gift***

Post by Skippy » July 24th, 2007, 12:59 pm
Tacori, you are adorable and glowing!!!!!  You look so cute!Image

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