Post by GraceAva » May 13th, 2011, 4:25 am
Hi everyone! ive just found out i'm pregnant with my second child. My little girl, Grace, is 1yr old and this baby wasn't planned but is a happy accident. When i had Grace is was the worst experience of my life although she was worth it of course! I was in full blown labour for 2 days, pushed for 2 hour and had terrible tears. I think the midwives i ended up with believed in natural birth with no intervention or even help. They even at one point sent me back to the ward in the late stages off labour and sent my partner home as they said that if the doctors came in and saw how long i had been there they 'would start messing with me'. As soon as i got to the ward the nurse in charge sent me straight back and was angry with the midwifes for sending me there, during all of this i was in agony and very scared. Even writing this is upsetting me. But my point is that i am now terrified of child birth and swore i would never have another child but nature has decided otherwise! I am seriously considering having a c-section, i would love to now if anybody else has been in this situation? or had a planned c-section after a traumatic birth? or had a traumatic birth but then had a much nicer experience? thanks!