Post by winternight » January 8th, 2012, 11:20 am
Original thread with pics of the ring that is my inspiration:

Vendor pics

I've attached my pics. It is hard to get the color right. Indoor color I love in some lights it is a little light or I see more pinkish purple flashes?

I'm sort of naive because I didn't realize I would see the flaws on the side of the stone which should mostly be hidden when set. I *think* I love the color, I'm just super nervous because this is my first custom project and I don't want to be disappointed.

I didn't get any certificates or testing information with the stone. What do you all recommend on that front?

As for who to set --- what do you think a Steven K or Leon Mege quote would run for this project? Woud you use a rose gold basket and prongs for the ruby with platinum for the diamonds? Would that really make a difference in the look of the stone? Should I get a quote from other vendors --- I guess I'm asking is who adds what value to a project like this and any idea of the cost?

I'm so nervous, so I really appreciate all thoughts. I probably wouldn't have the guts to go custom except that I've never seen a ring quite like this and when you fall in love with something that your mother owns it just is different/sentimental.
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