Post by JewelFreak » December 3rd, 2010, 12:35 pm
So you're looking for a really nice blue spinel; no major hurry because you'd like one of a good size, not too small, doesn't need to be gigantic. You sort of set a budget topping at around $950, though in a pinch you might go to $1100. As we can expect, it's not easy to find one that holds its color w/out extinction and is more than, say, 6 mm & well cut. And suddenly you run across one that fits the bill -- lovely color, cut & offered by someone very skilled w/an excellent rep. It's just under 8 mm square cushion, 74% depth, sparkly. Darned hard to beat all that. But the price is $1300 & change.

Do you gulp & buy it??? Or, since you don't have a deadline & could easily look another year if you could stand the impatience, do you pass with confidence it's not the last one in the world?

--- Laurie