Post by TL » January 18th, 2009, 4:53 am
Well, I wanted this one for a long time, and it finally came up in the BIN for a much lower price than he originally quoted me on it, and I upgraded the diamonds.  I am not impressed with the diamonds on the top, they're too heavily covered by metal (can my jeweler fix that???), but the side diamonds are nicer, especially along the shank.  However, it's not as nice as my two other settings I recently obtained from him, the 8x8 legacy and the LTP OEC double shank.  45 points of diamonds.

Here's a pic from the top with my blue diamond in it. I'm not planning on using it for the diamond, just put a gemstone in there for an example.

topwithdiamond.jpg (52.07 KiB) Viewed 249 times