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Hello all-
I just wrote up a small book and went to post a pic and it woldnt let me so here we go, try

This was my last post as I have not been back since:

I have since lost my engagment ring. I lost and gained and LOST a considerable amount of weight and somehow, somewhere it slipped off my finger and I have retraced my steps a thousand times over and for the life of me cant find it. My husband was heart broken but was amazing and assured me I would get another.

In short, one day just looking through pricescope, we decided to check out the colored stones section of pricescope. All I can say is we looked at eachother and new RIGHT away that this is what we had been looking for. I had known for years of princess Diana's sapphire ring, but never ever ever had I considered a colored stone e-ring would be for me. My husband and I could not get over how classy, yet romantic a colored stone e-ring was and we must have looked at every post that night!

After stalking pricescope we decided to buy a spinel from Gemburionline/Ebay and we loved it! Having never had one or a colored stone for that matter we really wanted to see one up close and personal and my heart fluttered. I LOVED my diamond my husband gave me, but both him and I agreed that had we seen the colored stones section of pricescope we prob would have picked a spinel to begin with.

We had seen Jeff White come up in soooo many posts and decided to get in contact with him. Well, I am ver exicted and happy to say that we have put a deposit down on a piece that will be around 3 carats and will be a baby pink. He wont be cutting it until April (we are getting ready to move to colorado springs next month) and he has been sooooooo accommodating with our move and schedule. I cant say enough about the wonderful communication we have had with him.

I will try and post a picture of our spinel from Gemburionline/Ebay here in a sec. If it wont let me I will keep trying. It is 2.53 carats and pinkish/purple. I love it :)

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