Post by mimB » July 22nd, 2012, 5:22 am
I have a $1500 strict budget for a ring - both the stone and the setting.
I am currently allocating $700-$800 for a tsavorite garnet. My starting desire is: square cushion cut, medium tone, vivid, facing up to between 5mm-7mm.
There is no deadline to this project - just as long as my patience holds.

I've read all tsavorite threads I could find on PriceScope, and I know the two main truths: a) green is an immensely difficult color to photograph; b) the accepted ideal color is a saturated green of medium-dark tone with blue-ish reflections - but one has to see tsavorites in person to really know the color range and know their preferred color.

So my first step on this search is to acquire stones within my budget, analyze how I feel about them and make sure to make decisions within their return period :)

What I would really like your help with is figuring out whether my analysis is too picky, and what aspects of the stone I should compromise on to get what I want on my budget.

(Disclaimer: amateur taking gem photos on a cloudy day)