Post by arjunajane » December 31st, 2009, 9:55 pm
Happy New Year All!!!

As I've mentioned in another thread, a lavender / violet coloured spinel was actually the very first gem I desired when I discovered CS and the PS recommended cutters - I sent out feelers to all the regulars but nobody ever had any suitable rough.

That was over a year ago I think, and after an un-nerving *18 day journey* ! from the US, my lavender spinel finally hit my doorstep the other day Image

It is a 6.1mm round from Barry B.
The colour is gorgeous, but also kinda hard to describe - its an ideal pretty lavender colour with hints of pink in diffused sunlight, whilst a periwinkle blue with touches of violet in direct sun.

I'm very grateful to Barry for finally finding me my spinel - I've got a bunch of photos to post, but my apologies as it was extremely windy so they aren't overly creative, in fear of the lil guy blowing away !

First, Barry's photo which is as usual very close to true life colour:

Cheers for looking!
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