Post by ~JanuaryJem~ » February 12th, 2005, 8:44 am
ImageHello I''m new to the board, I''ve been lurking for a while, I had no idea, they were a bunch of people out there, that obsess about diamonds, and stones and jewelry as much as I do, :)
Well my name is Ivory. As you can tell by my user name, I was born in January, so was my husband.
So I thougtht it would be romantic, to have my engagement ring with a Garnet. We have been married for 3 years, I must have changed my wedding set 5 times. Well I found one, I brought it a couple of weeks ago. It''s gorgeous. Better than I imagined. Here is the picture, I wish you can see it on my hand, but I don''t have a digi-camera. Image Gotta work on that. I also just ordered, a 3 mm heavy 14k gold band to wear with it, I''m so excited, I''ve long to be different, with my set, and this has alot of meaning to it being that I can say to people when they ask "Its OUR birthstone". And it LOOKS like an E-ring. Alot of garnets, I''ve looked at, they are usually set in white gold or silver, to have a gothic or antique look to it. I didn''t want that. So here is the picture, I wanted to see some more if that was possible. I love the deep red to it, also being red is one of my favorite colors. Ok I''m rambling now.
Its .58ct cathedral setting. Brilliant cut, 6 way prong setting. And it''s not flimsy either, you can look at it and tell the quality. It''s weighs 4.8 grams. These are the specs from the place I brought it, I''m no expert. I''m very happy with my purchase.
; Ivory