Post by Tanzigrrl » May 22nd, 2011, 1:00 pm
Introducing the "Manhattan Velvet" as I call it. An 8.56 carat, 12 x 12 face-up, cushion-cut tanzanite from Paraiba International. I went to NYC hoping to find the right stone and after spending an hour with very patient and helpful Adam, I selected this stunner. I am very pleased with my purchase! The stone is fabulous and Adam was wonderful to work with!

Some of you may remember my tanzanite ring (pictured). The tanzanite in my ring is a 3.98 carat cushion cut. The two stones are very well matched in color and shape. I'm planning on having this new stone set into a necklace. Not a pendant, but a necklace. I have a parcel of 22 (.08 carat each) diamonds to add into the design. I'm thinking of something with filagree, a really fancy bib necklace piece. :appl:
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