Post by fatafelice » June 28th, 2007, 12:35 pm
First, thank you so much to everyone who responded to my thread about having to cancel/postpone our wedding.  I don''t want to refresh it, because the tone is so sad, but I really appreciate everyone who wished us well.

And I have some good news!  I decided today that I did want to go ahead and get married on Saturday!  I have no idea when we will be able to orchestrate the big wedding re-try and I just don''t want to wait.  This way, we can keep our date (hey, the rings are already engraved, after all) and still go on our honeymoon to Nevis as man and wife.  Mike certainly wishes I had decided this earlier, but I just couldn''t focus on it until everything else had cleared.

We are going to get married here on the beach in our NJ shore town.  I bought a white sundress last week, "just in case we have to get married at the hospital," so I think I am going to wear that.  We had to go to the county courthouse today to get a judge to sign a waiver because wedding licenses usually take 72 hours in NJ, but that is taken care of and we are going tomorrow for the actual license.  Mike''s cousin (the same pastor who was supposed to marry us in NC) is coming up to marry us, for which we are so grateful.  I managed to find a place where I can get my hair done and I am just going to do my own makeup (it will melt off quickly anyway).  My parents and older sister came up for the funeral, but had to go home to Florida, so they are going to have to miss it.  I am really sad that they won''t be here, but there is no way to avoid it.  My mom said it is okay with her, and I hope she wasn''t just trying to make me feels better.  My step-mom and little sister are going to come from MD, though, so my sister can stand up with me.  Mike''s siblings will all be there as well, along with his mom''s two sisters.  And there will be an assortment of local friends, too.  Mike is in the process of trying to find someone to take some photos, someone else to play guitar or something, and to track down some chairs we can use.  His mom''s best friend (a florist) is going to make some bouquets and boutineres for us.  And who knows what we will be doing afterwards, but it will likely involve a barbeque!

Whew!  It is amazing how quickly you can actually put a wedding together if you have to!  No frills, of course, but I am so happy that we are doing it.  Oddly, I am also starting to get nervous, but it could just be the stress of everything.

I''ve gotta run to Victoria''s Secret to try and find a bra to go with this dress, but I just wanted to give you guys an update!

Thank you again for all of your support! I''ll let you know how it goes! Image