Post by Daniel S. » August 3rd, 2010, 6:41 pm
My wonderful fiancé and I have embarked on the search for a photographer and videographer for our wedding in July of next year. Through our limited searching we’ve decided that we’d like at least two photographers and at least one videographer there for the entire church ceremony and wedding reception. We’ve also decided that we’d like a mixture of more formal/ posed wedding images and photojournalistic images. Our budget for both photographer and videographer is in the 3-4K range.

We’ve interviewed with a larger (about 10 photographers and 5 videographers on contract) local photographer and we have an interview with a smaller single person outfit this weekend (they do have at most two photographers). Other than the basics, we really don’t know how to compare different photographers. For those who’ve recently been married or are in the process, how did you choose your photographer and videographer? Were there certain characteristics that were a must? If you’ve already had your big day are things you would have done differently? This will be the biggest day of both of our lives and were really hoping to get it photographed and video recorded as best as we possibly can.

To make things more complicated, the first photographer we interviewed with provided a number of discounts and upgrades but if we’re going to take advantage of them we must sign a contract with them within one week of our interview which was last night! :cry:

Any and all advice is extremely appreciated! :wavey: