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I have an acquaintance. The kind whose company you absolutely don't care for but are polite to anyway because they are in your social circle. Said acquaintance asked repeatedly on at least two occasions if she was invited to our wedding. (Yes.) Now said acquaintance is unable to attend our wedding due to travel. Before she left, she gifted us with a large framed drawing that she had created prior to meeting us. I immensely dislike this drawing. FI doesn't care for it either, but thinks we should hang it up when she comes over. I have always felt lukewarm towards her, but have always been polite, and I resent that this gift just perpetuates that sentiment. While I acknowledge that the gift is well-intentioned, I am upset that it's presumptuous and puts us in a position where we feel obliged to display it.

Practically speaking, I think it's ours and we can do whatever we want with it. I want to throw it away. My friend thinks that if the drawing might mean anything to her, that I should offer it back. I have other friends who think that I should hide it away and forget about it. What would you do?

ETA: For me, the issue isn't the gift itself (it's the thought that counts, right?), but that it's a giant, honking reminder of the nature of our relationship -- which is that she's presumptuous and I can't be anything but polite back.
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