Post by regalada » March 2nd, 2006, 5:37 am
Because of paperwork we need to get moving along, we decided to get married before our wedding in Puerto Rico later this year. FI refused to go to the courthouse here to have our "first wedding" because he wanted it to be memorable so we threw ideas around for a while and finally settled on Vegas.

We were hoping for the weekend of March 11-13 but because of some NASCAR event the hotel rooms were extremely expensive. So we decided to do it this weekend. We booked flights and hotel last Friday and the chapel on Tuesday for a Sunday afternoon ceremony. FI kept asking me "are you sure we can get everything ready in a week?" and I kept assuring him that yes, we could. And we did.

FI and I went shopping for a dress and the rings on Saturday. Thankfully we had already decided to get simple Tiffany wedding bands in gold to match my e-ring so it only took half an hour to get them.
The dress was another matter, we walked all over a gigantic mall with no luck until we landed at Jessica McClintock. I found a simple strapless satin A-line in ivory that he hated when I first showed it to him but I told him I would try it on anyway. Once he saw it on me, he liked it and thought it would fit the bill, plus I could really wear it again. I was hoping for a white dress but this one was only one size larger than my size, easy to alter and only $50 bucks! Sadly, with alterations it went up to $180 but it''s still not bad. I don''t have pictures since it went from store to tailor in one day.

FI was really cute at the store, pulling dresses from the racks, vetoing my choices, talking to the salesladies as if he REALLY knew what he was talking about, even got on the phone with the seamstress to discuss alterations on the dress. It was a lot of fun to watch him but it made me really glad I did not allow him to come when I shopped for my other dress since he would have been insufferable!

On Sunday I got shoes, makeup and accessories and have been practicing the makeup with not so great results. Image.

A friend of mine from LA is driving down with her sweetie to be our witness and take pictures, and to go out to dinner and around town afterwards. We are "honeymooning" in Death Valley the next day and come home late on Monday night on an overnight flight. We will be at work the next day, half asleep Image and married. Image For the time being we are choosing not to tell anybody but my friend from LA, a friend of his who got married in Vegas a while back and gave us advice, my maid of honor back home and a co-worker of mine (that last one because I am bouncing off the walls at work and need to vent to somebody!).

Ever since we booked the flights we have been in a semi-state of shock over the suddeness of it all and the fact that we will be married in Vegas Image.

I can''t believe in three days I''ll be married to the man of my dreams! Wish us luck!