Post by NewEnglandLady » September 13th, 2007, 7:36 am
When it comes to attire for the bridal party, I''m in the "wear whatever makes you feel great" camp. I love my dress and feel that everybody else should love what they wear, too. Originally we only had one attendant each, so matching multiple groomsmen/bridesmaids wasn''t an issue at all.

But FI couldn''t decide between his two cousins for one best man, so he had two groomsman. I suggested they dress like the three stooges, but he insisted on something formal.

The issue is that his groomsmen don''t own suits and can''t afford suits, so we planned to just buy them suits (I didn''t want tuxes) but in the end we decided it was a sizeable difference in costs and we ended up renting more casual charcoal, pin-striped tuxes. My FI chose an orange tie for himself and red ties for the groomsmen. All was well.

Then last week he decided he didn''t want ot rent his tux, he wanted to buy his tux for sentimental reasons. And he wanted a black tux. So basically he wants the most formal option when all I wanted was a plain suit with no tie! Anyway, he ordered the tux forgetting that his tie is orange....

so you probably know where this is going. He got the tux last night and immediately said "oh my god, I look like I"m about to go trick or treating!!" He''s not happy with the final product and what''s worse is that he got on a plane to Seattle this morning to climb a mountain for the next 5 days and the wedding is in 15 days. I thought about putting them all in the red ties (though I love the orange), but Brooks Brothers doesn''t carry these ties anymore.

To be honest, I couldn''t care less about the attire. If he doesn''t want to wear the orange, then he can find something else on his own. I refuse to do ANYTHING wedding-related after next Wed. unless it is absolutely necessary. If he wants my help, he''ll have to do it immediately after he gets back. I really wish he''d just been fine with the rented tux, but this is what he wants, so oh well.

So I just want some opinions on these colors--does it really look that bad (it will be paired with a cream shirt). Does it scream "halloween"?

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