Post by Zoe » March 4th, 2008, 2:34 pm
Wow, I just unintentionally opened a big ol'' can of worms with my FI.  We''ve gone round and round with this and I thought I''d finally come to sort of sgreement with him.  Apparently, I''m wrong.

My FI has always wanted me to take his last name and I wanted to keep mine (more for sentimental reasons).  He says that I''ll always be a Smith (not my real name) and that won''t change.  As he just told me, I''ll always be my father''s daughter and that''s not going to change either.

I''ve recently decided to drop my middle name and tack on my FI''s last name to mine.  I wouldn''t be hyphenating, just substituting my middle name with my last name.  For some reason, my FI is very upset/disappointed with this.  My kids at school will call me Mrs. FI''slastname and we''ll be known socially as "the FI''slastname''s."  When we have kids, we''ll all have same name, which is very important to my FI.

I don''t like that I''m hurting my FI by doing this but I honestly don''t see the issue here.  He says what I want to do is holding back and in a sense, I''m not really changing anything.  I''m not taking his name, I''m using it.  Ugh.

Is anyone else going through this?