Post by jaylex » November 12th, 2010, 8:18 am
Hi, All.
I'm running into a little bit of a snag with how to address the invitations.

My fiance's father and uncles all go by their middle names... so for instance, his father's name is James Randolf P_____, but he goes by "Randy". Same thing with his uncles (only with different names, obviously).

Everyone knows his father and uncles by their middle names, and it feels weird to even think about addressing them with their first names (Actually, I tend to forget what his uncle's first names "really" are lol).

I'm not so much worried about the invitations... if they would prefer I address them with their "known" names, that is what I will do...

But for the programs, what the heck should I do about his father? I guess in that case I am torn between "formality" and "familiarity".

Would I put:

James Randolf P______
J. Randolf P______
J. Randy P______
J. "Randy" P______
Randy P______

Does any one else have this problem? lol
Any suggestions would be appreciated :mrgreen:
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