Post by TravelingGal » July 24th, 2008, 7:32 pm
I realized that a lot of us have gotten married and posted our pics/stories over the years, but they all get lost and are sometimes hard to search.  So I was thinking we could link to our weddings all in once place for fun and for those who want to see some Pricescope weddings.  If this thread is popular enough, perhaps the PS Mods will make it a sticky.  Sort of a "graduate" thread from the BIW one. Image

In the interest of having this thread short and simple (and easy to peruse), I think it would be best to omit any comments on this thread and post in the actual wedding thread of the bride you are viewing.  Sound good?

OK, I''ll start.

TravelingGal and TravelingGuy can be found here.

Your turn!! Image

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