Post by Independent Gal » February 4th, 2008, 3:08 am
No. 67 (of this thread fame sent a jokey e-mail in which he suggested that while he and his best pal / FI''s witness would be happy to sleep in my mother''s garden, in tents, if some more comfortable accomodation were to be found that would be great. I had the sense that the e-mail actually meant "Can we join the chorus of people wanting to stay at your mother''s house?". To which the answer is decidedly NO.

I drafted what I thought was an equally hilarious response, if I do say so myself, and then suggested a couple of hotels and a link to trip advisor if he wanted more options. We hadn''t booked any specific block of rooms because FI & his parents agreed that there was too much variation in the pricepoint people would be looking at.

Anyway, this morning FI got a completely IRATE e-mail from him which basically said that his e-mail to me was not just meant to be entertaining. And since he has important and time consuming duties related to the wedding (he''s in charge of speeches...oh, and note that his parents'' bounty means he doesn''t work, so he''s not, like, busy or anything) that the least my mother or I could do would be to arrange accomodation for him. I''m still not 100% sure whether this means a) why can''t we stay at your mom''s or b) why aren''t you paying for our hotel or c) why don''t you call and make a reservation for us. But it seems to me that all three options are crazy.

I''m all W.T.F?!?!

FI is really upset. Apparently, No. 67 sulks. For months. He thinks this will ruin the wedding for him now.

This whole wedding thing has revealed to me whole ranges of human behaviour for which the only appropriate phrase is "Who raised these people?!?"

OK, end rant.