Post by DMBFiredancer » June 17th, 2008, 11:37 pm
i''ve been through so many emotions of wedding planning since getting
engaged in september. i went from wanting to get married in NJ to appease
my parents wishes (where my parents and family live,) to wanting a destination wedding, to simply wanting to just go to the courthouse and just get it over with.

i experienced SERIOUS sticker shock with i first started looking at places months ago and i was turned off by the idea of having any kind of reception altogether. but after thinking about what *i* really wanted and allowing myself to deal with the reality that weddings just happen to cost a lot of money (along with everything these days) i realized that sometimes you just have to figure out a way to buckle down and get it done.

well, we finally put our deposit down at the chart house in redondo beach here in california.
we will have a simple ceremony on the beach and then a reception for
about 70 people right there at the restaraunt
i even got the date i was dreaming of - our anniversary (july 25, 2009)

suddenly, i started feeling the same excitement i felt the days after i got
engaged....i''m so giddy, but at the same time nervous! :)
everything seems real now, if that makes any its REALLY

i look forward to sharing my planning adventures from here on.

anyone else share my date next year? anyone else getting married at the
chart house? (traveling gal, i know you were married there - you were
actually a huge help to me months ago - thank you again!)

thanks for letting me share my excitement!
now back to the sticker shock of photographers and djs. ouch!