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Well, as I said, the day was just lovely.  We were married in an old victorian mansion out in the foothills. Our very small wedding turned out to be so intimate and beautiful.  Our ceremony was really touching (for us.)  I did a candle lighting for my step dad.  We also did a medallion ceremony for our children where we reaffirmed our commitment to them.  During the speeches at the reception, there wasn''t a dry eye in the room.  That was the moment I knew that everyone who who came was absolutely meant to be there.   People aren''t kidding when they say the day flies by!  I wished it could have been twice as long.  Luckily, we rented the Inn for the evening and were able to have a few friends stay with us for the entire night.

My only complaint for the entire day would be the flowers.  My bouquet was lovely, but I wasn''t happy with much else.  Things that were agreed upon didn''t come through and I''m not quite sure why.  I was supposed to have roses, lilacs, and sweet peas but instead there were a few roses and lots of chrysanthemums when I hadn''t ordered a single one.  Also, my poor bridesmaids'' bouquets were a mess.  But, on the day of, there isn''t much you can do about it!  Also, it is true that when things go wrong on your wedding day, it is just a tiny annoyance compared to the incredible joy you are feeling on that day.

I won''t ramble anymore because I know people just like to see the pics.  I don''t have a whole lot of photos of the grounds or the venue!  Most people were busy shooting photos of us.  I''m sorry for this.  Hopefully my pro pics will be better!

Getting ready with the cutest flower girl in the world!

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