Post by sweetjettagirl04 » January 10th, 2009, 7:10 am
Hey ladies! 

I need some input.  I''m so all over the place with the colors of my flowers, I can''t decide!  What''s worse, is that I''m driving my sister (wearing the hat of MOH and florist) batty because I can''t decide.

Here is the dilemma...

Wedding colors are green, black, and white (minimal black, more of an accent).  My dress is ivory, the BM dresses are green, tuxes will be black.  There is the basic color scheme. 

Wedding will be outside in a field by a huge willow tree and pond, with the reception following in an amazing 300 year old restored barn.  Obviously, it''s going to be a little country chic, with a modern twist. 

I''m torn between the color of the flowers.  One one hand, i love all white and greenish bouquets, but I''m afraid it might be a little bland.  I am in love with bright pops of color, like some subtle pink and some bright pinks.  I''ll post pics of what I''m debating between.  I''m leaning towards the color because I think it lends itself nicely as an accent.

First - the white...