Post by aliciagirl » June 3rd, 2008, 7:58 am
So, I''m coming over from the LIW board to get some help. I''m sold on having a cupcake tower instead of a wedding cake. I''m trying to convince SO that it would be a good idea. All the pictures I''ve found are too cutesy-I''m-having-a-birthday-party instead of elegant, chic for a wedding. I know there have to be some good pictures out there of cupcakes displayed in a way that is more wedding than birthday.

We are both very simple, clean lines type of people and our wedding will probably be in grey tones with lots of white. I''ve found some adorable colorful cupcakes, but if I show them to him... well, he''s never going to go for it.

Anyone have any pictures or links saved by any chance?
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