Post by Clairitek » June 3rd, 2009, 3:21 am
I am just outside of 2 weeks until my wedding so I figured I probably should get the ball rolling on my veil. When I had my second fitting last week I tried on a lace edge veil that hit right at the back of my knees but it was $185 and way out of my budget.

On Monday I trekked into the fabric/garment district (at least I think that''s what this was) in Philadelphia and purchased some reembroidered lace trim and tulle.

Here is my result. I am fairly happy with it. I am not terribly pleased with the profile in the back but I think it will look better once it is up against my dress. Its a little longer than I had anticipated, probably due to the fact that when I cut it the tulle wasn''t as weighed down. Oh well! I am definitely not doing it again!

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