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Contact Name: cont_name Location: 6374 Van Nuys Blvd, Van Nuys, CA2, us, Web site: Van Nuys Pawn Shop - website Phone: (818) 540-1512 Email: [email protected]
Description: Have you fallen on hard times and you require instant cash? If yes, you should certainly consider collateral loans because it is a safe and secure method and many are choosing this over bank loans these days. All you have to do is bring the items you wish to pawn as collateral such as jewelry, antiques, paintings, and so on. We perform a thorough scrutiny of the items and assign a value to each of it, after which we provide you with a report that includes the details of the inspection. When you have studied the report thoroughly, we offer a no-obligations quote. Reasonable negotiations are always welcome and of course, it is not mandatory for you to accept it if you are not happy with the amount. Your belongings will be returned right away. We don’t ask for credit scores because we understand that it can plummet due to unfortunate circumstances. Collateral loans are subject to no such terms and conditions, which mean that people with a low credit rating can apply and make use of this opportunity. We don’t want you to struggle and have sleepless nights in order to pay off the money you owe us. If you apply for a traditional loan, you might need to work very hard to pay it off and it can end up being a huge sum if the rate of interest is added to it. When you work with us, we ensure that your lifestyle is not hampered in any way. Spend time with your loved ones and enjoy life – our norms and regulations are extremely reasonable! The biggest advantage is that you get instant cash without having to meet complicated requirements or filling out dozens of forms. All you need is a valid state issued ID to get quick and easy money. When it comes to returning the amount you borrowed from us, we believe in granting as much time as possible. We don’t auction away the collateral if you are unable to pay back within a certain time frame. On the contrary, we provide a flexible time period so that you can pay it back to us with ease. Plus, our payback period is much longer than in the case of other types of loaning methods.