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Yep, Another Diamond Stud Earring Post


Jul 13, 2009
Good morning!
Celebrating my 15th anniversary soon and want to give some diamond stud earrings.

I'm thinking H/I color and excellent cut.

Where I could really use guidance is the size/clarity part
My budget is ~$5,000 USD.

That puts me in the 1.5cttw range and SI1.
Should I try and squeeze more size and sacrifice the clarity? Or vice versa?

What do you suggest is the right balance?


May 15, 2012
All that would depend on what you want. I would go to a store that has many different GIA certified stones of color, carat size, and cut and see what size and color you really want and willing to sacrifice and then narrow your search. I did the same thing a month ago and ended up with a pair of I color, SI2 & vs2, 43 points each.

I am guessing with your budget, getting the best cut with the color you are comfortable with and eye clean (SI2, SI1, or higher) diamond seems feasible. After having picked a color you are willing to go down to, I would search for them on James Allen as you can see the diamonds in 360 degree (From SI2's and up) or search for vs2's on B2Cjewels or zoara or bluenile since i felt their prices were cheaper than James Allen but you cannot see pictures of the diamonds in most cases.
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